Monday, October 13, 2008

We are Family

Blood iz thicker than water. I've gots one smexy brother: Darwin and gained 2 new neko brothers today: Franzi and Neville. We were chatting and dancin nekkid at the time but i've gone too far let's rewind.

My day started out when i dropped in at Zippers where they're having a memorial for Matthew Shepard with uncle Rickie DJing. Many familiar faces there. Nev was there. There's something about him that draws me. We have barely met and yet i felt like i've known him for ages. I can't explain it. It's the same thing i felt with Franzi when i first met him. Kindred spirits.

The highlight of me week: Neko nite with DJ Kaj on Tiger's Isle, 7pm Sundays. Sowwy=^.^=but i can't help doing a plug for the event, absolutely luv it. To bad not many kittehs tonite but still hawt. Mal, Franzi, Ry, Kaj's double(can't remember hiz name, for a while i thought it wuz hiz twin), Dyson, Kyne, Eric, Everett were there gyrating, grinding and bopping to Kaj's awesum tunes. Nev turned up afta hiz shift at Zippers and so did Shadu near da end. Soon clothes we shed faster than a burmese sheds its fur. We alwayz seem to end up nekkid. *grinz* Words are not enuf to describe the tangle of limbs, tails, tongues, cocks that were Franzi, Nev, Ev and i. Hawtness! I gots so carried away i forgot to take piccies to put up here^^.

Ev invited me over to hiz place afta for a private session. And yez Franzi, i only tucked him in bed not f*ed him, well not yet. What cans i say, da lil tiger feels safe in my arms and i like caring for him and petting him. I'm not sure i'm ready for a relationship yet though.

Back at da Island only Franzi and Nev were left. We got onto some d&m while still dancin nekkid. So we're now at where this post started. Love, relationships and family...words, ideas and memories we exchanged. It really breaks my heart to see tiger hurting like this. Franzi still has feelings for Q and Q sitll loves Franzi but they can't be together *sighs*. Franzi, just wanted you to know i'll be here for you, a pair of perky ears to listen, a shoulder to cry on, a brother to dance with. I may be independent and a loner at times but i'm fiercely loyal to my clan and family.

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Franziskus said...

OMG- That picture is sooooooo cuuuuuutee! *meow* (and tiger rarely meows)

Thank you for the nice words, brother. You and Neville made my day. Thankies!