Monday, August 24, 2009

Shameless Plug

Well not quite so shameless cuz I'm proud to be one of Blaze's collection of hawt dancers. Check out the club's website and sign up to keep track of events here. A shoutout to Xzno for doing all da work on dat site.

So far so good, my 3rd week dancing there and makin decent tips, enuf to shop again, heheh. Last week I blown a whole Sunday's earnings on a smexi black kilt, straps, boots outfit from Tiger Eye Designs. Eeep! bettah set up a savings plan but then I'm just a kitteh. Lovin mah bosses Jonathan and Jarrod. Joshua mah best bud and head dancer. General manager Xzno. Co-dancers Anders, Jester, Sora, and our newest recruit Aki. Such a pleasure to work with a great n supportive team there that its hardly work at all.

Oh btw I'm on Sundays 7-9pm, drop in to the plaza and get a lick from me =^.^=

Sexiest Free in Gor

My bro Franzi has entered in the contest (see title) and needs your votes. Head to White Water and lick....uh, I mean click on his poster to vote, daily. Its in an OOC area so you can go as you are which is good so I dun hafta hide my true neko self everytime I go.

Franzi is definitely the trend setter. He was the first one to put up a nude pic in the contest. Well why not since there wasn't any rules to say otherwise. Soon after a few others also followed and posted up nude pics of themselves. Still my bro is the smexiest...realli I'm not biased =^.^=


Franzi has since left the contest becuz of its unfair nature. So how does the uglier guys suddenly get a whole heap of votes in such a short time??

Monday, August 10, 2009


As the title says a few things are changing in my SL. Some good , some not so great. So as to reflect that I decided to update the pic in the title...keeping it light and fun. Kinda like what I want in SL, none of that drama, though it inevitably crops up I keep a distance from it...keeping it light and fun. Sl is what we make of it. The change is inspired by my bro Spanki who has his blog Ribbons of Glass, more about him below.

So big one is when Joshua introduced me to his lover Jarrod. I still remember how we just clicked and how much i like him since then, meeting him at Blaze where he's DJing then the photoshoot afterwards. He is really purrfect for Josh and I wish them all happiness in their upcoming wedding. We hit it off so well that I felt that Josh n Jarrod should be part of our family...there's a special conection there I feel. They feel the same way too. Very, I know you're reading this...what is mine is yours too, you know the deal with family =^.~=

I luv this pic, quite artistic I thought

Another one is me making a comeback to the world of dancing at club Blaze. I'll be shakin mah tail there amongst other things on Sundays 7pm SLT. So lookin forward to it...very excited!

I met GoodboyJay this week, a cool kitteh. We hung out at Josh's place chattin. Was nice to just chill out n relax. He'll be dancin at Blaze too.

I worry about our bro Spanki. All is not well with him and I can feel his unhappiness. If there's anything I can do for you, ask it and its yours.

Franzi is on "vacation" this week building on the Isle of Tidra. Our wild kitteh wonderland is taking shape beautifully. I should add a slurl here at this point so that you could have a sneak peek at it before the opening but now its 3am in the morning, bugger it....nahh, you go look fir it yerself..../me yawns and stretches sleepily...time for ni *snores*

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Innocence and Light
Caramel and Milk chocolate mousse with liquid mocha center in a white chocolate "egg" cup, pistachio praline and pistachio wafer. The name was inspired by Carson Cale =^.^=

I thought I had posted this up earlier in the week (apologies to Toberz, who I told to look for it here but it wasn't) but later is better than not at all. Last Sunday I competed in a chocolate dessert competition and came away with a bronze medal. Wasn't happi at first cuz I thought I deserve at least a silver but when I look back it was fair.

The comp was held at the Hunter Valley Gardens ( so if you ever head that way do drop in. The gardens are absolutely stunning with different themed areas. I would have taken more pics except mah cam's battery died, something that wouldn't happen in SL when u take pics. I was too nervous n excited to rememba to recharge the batt the night before.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hunts...kittehs an bunnehs

Some of you may know that I've been on a couple of hunts. First is da Just For The Guys Hunt which once I've completed I found out about this one da Curious Kitty Hunt. I've just finished this one now...Yays! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank da organisers and store owners who participated...really great fun searching those items out. I enjoyed the hunt more than the prizes themselves. Only trouble is now to weed thru all mah prizes and throw out da junk. I tend to be a hoarder, thinking this and that would come in handy someday so I stash it all in mah inv. I really should learn to let things go.