Thursday, October 30, 2008

The night before Halloween

Now what wuz I gonna write...? Hmm, I got carried away picking lint off mah shirt. How did it get there? Oh I remembers. I kinda stripped off mah clothes and tossed it into a corner while dancing at Mendance today. Not many ppl there but at least there wuz a kitteh there..ME! Hehee. First up wuz DJ Mathieu with hiz smexy french accent *grrrrraolzzzz* then DJ Gregster.

I wuz sooo bored before all that tail shakin at Mendance. What's a neko to do? Shopping! I kinda splurged quite a bit. Bought 2 pairs of jeans from Roosters and new hair at Abyss. There wuz so much more that I wanna get but I have to control myself. Had mah eyes on sum wolverine style claws...those are so cool but when do i really use them? I'd rather continue being a cute sweet kitteh...then when you least expect it, wham! you're flat on your back with me on top of you...I'll let your imagination carry on now =^.~=

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Franziskus said...

Grrrrrrr... get that claws! I so love mine. Scratching and teasing soft skin in excitement.... mmmmmmmm.... Get them! And who wouldn't wanna be pounced by my shmexie brother???