Monday, October 20, 2008

Thus spake Justyn

My poor feet is tired now after several hours of dancing but i still can't get enough. First up I was at the Pavilion. I haven't been to DJ Wesley's sets for a while and so it's nice to be noticed when i stepped into the place. The sweety even welcomed me on voice announcement. Purrrrzzz. Azeri iz still as nutty as usual and iz definately the hostess with the mostest. My cheeky bro Darwin wuz dressed in the theme of brokeback mountain and Robbie wuz in a zebra loincloth for sum reason and the answer iz "Why not?" when i asked why. Why not indeed, well makes for easy access i guess *grinz*  
In da kitteh corner (Darwin, me, DJ Wesley, Taylor)

Next event wuz da legendary Neko Nite with DJ Kaj on Tiger's Isle. We had a bit of a dance off again this week. Battle of the chims: Kaj vs Franzi. Did i mention i luv dis event? If not, I LOVE IT! Kinda the highlite of my week. I'm sure Franzi would cover this event in more detail on his blog and i'm really knackered now so i'll keep it brief. Kyne haz a new supa sleek panther skin. Can that kitteh get any kuter? and Rickie came as a tiny lion, sooooo cuddly, I just wanna hug him to bitz. Neville was there for a short time, didn't stay for long. He wuz a bit down. I wuz hoping he would stay for longer and danced his worries away...well dat usually works for me. I'm gonna have to give him a hug n cuddle when I see him next. It bothers me when one of my brothers iz unhappy. I just want you guys to know I'm here for you! Peace =^.^=
Uncle Rickie as a tiny kute kuddly lion

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Franziskus said...

I borrowed the pictures as I was too busy and laggy to take some myself. Maybe I should make you our photographer? =^.^=

Me enjoying neko-party too. And always enjoying company of my lovely neko-brothers.

/me licks your belly