Monday, October 6, 2008

Curiouser and curiouser

I'm still thinking about the last party at Tiger's Isle where i won the big prize (see previous post). Just that something doesn't seem quite right and i'm still tossing it around in my head so i thought i'd write it down. 

When the voting started there was about 8-9 of us there, then some random ppl started popping in, only staying for a minute or two. I called out a greeting to them and no response. Then i noticed the board had recorded 14 votes. I wuz going to say something about this to Franzi but just then the winner wuz announced.

Hmmm, with all the issues of alts that came up in conversations and other blogs around at the moment made me think. How unfair is that, getting your alt in to vote for you in a contest. Or mebbe whoever it was, wuz just TPing in their friends for voting. Either way thanks to the laggy board i received 7 of those votes and the person (i can't remember who it was) whose name was on the same spot as mine but on the next page receiving 6 votes. 

So back to the thing about alts. I'm sure people have reasons for creating alts, some perfectly good reasons i suppose but I'm only recently becoming more aware of them. Even a little paranoid sometimes, thinking is this person an alt or really genuine. I used to take everyone i meet as they are. Guess that just reflects my RL character, I'm trusting and will take and accept you as you are. Now where wuz i going with this...? Lost my train of thought now, just rambling on a bit tonight i guess..hehe. Gawd i need sleep. 

*Justyn signs off, drags his body to his basket and curls up for a snoozzzze*


Franziskus said...

Distracted by shiny things while writing, shmexie?

Yes, those alts and people just tp'ing friends to vote in are annoying. That's why we decided to make it "group only" access soon.

Justyn Maurer said...

Yeah, gots distracted by a shiney nipple ring as i wuz licking hiz muscular chest...just kidding! I wuz just really tired dats all.