Monday, September 29, 2008

First post

So begins the ramblings of Justyn Maurer. A place to collect his thoughts and feelings. Let's see how long this lasts.

I began my day at Tiger's Isle. I couldn't miss the neko nite party with the smexy DJ Kaj spinning at the decks and my scrumptious fellow Tiger's tail dancers Franzi and Malden. Franzi did an amazing job decorating the place as usual...snowing at the beach! Fantastic party with quite a few nekos turning up, Kyo coming as totoro and Leni as a black bear. Franzi even had spots for some snow angel making and passed around snowballs. Well a snowball fight ensued naturally and just as well cause with all those hawt bois there i was heating up quite quickly. All that gyrating bodies and lickings and more lickings kept me hard as anything in my pants. Can't wait to lose them. I should have taken some pics but I got lost in the moment and forgot, oh and did I mention all those smexies dancing there distracted me? Hehee.

At the close of the event there was only Kaj & Mal, Quag & Franzi and me were still dancing and i realised i wuz the only one there without a partner. That brought out a wave of emotions i had supressed and i had to leave. I'll go into more detail in my next post *sigh*...