Thursday, October 16, 2008


Just wanted to share with you a beautiful poem by my brother Neville. I'm glad that we're family now. He's so sweet, so cute, so smexy, makes me want to do unmentionable things to him...oki, before i gets carried away here it is:

An original poem by Neville Braveheart
For my best friends, brothers, sisters and soul mates


I see you with my soul
When I close my eyes
When I see you hurting
Deep inside me cries

When you need me most
I won't be far away
Because I am a friend
Who is always there to stay

I'll hold you in my arms
when it's comfort that you need
I'll support you always
Knowing you'll succeed

I will give encouragement
So you know you're doing great
And when you are so happy
I'll help you celebrate

You are my best friend
You are in my soul
I can't live without you
Without you I'm not whole

When you look inside of you
I hope you see me there
And know I'm always with you
Because I really care

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