Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Abandonment Issues

Lately I can't help but feel abandoned by my bf Agra. Ok so we haven't spoken for weeks, and when we did it was only briefly due to our different time zones and rl work times. Slowly we kinda drifted apart. 

First he tells me that his rl bf is back on SL and i have to lay low, so i thought oookayyy, I'm like the secret mistress in the relationship now but Agra has provided a huge home for us on his plot of land so I'm happy there building stuff, heading out to clubs and what not. I still get to see him once a while and he's still as passionate as ever. 

Over the next several weeks i noticed some furniture have gone missing, like half the kitchen. Then one day i got a notice from Linden labs that our group "Justyn M's BF" has only one member and would be disbanded. It was too late to save it so our group was gone. I thought wtf... the only way that could have happened is that he removed himself from the group.

Next thing i knew was when i logged in was that i was standing on an empty patch of land. I had been abandoned, left to wander the sims. 

I went to the Neko nite party on Tiger's Isle cause i was scheduled to dance but also to help me forget my troubles. It lifted my spirits until the event ended but all the thought of what Agra did to me came back to haunt me. I can't take it anymore, I have to move on. I've struck it out alone before and I can do so again. 

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