Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fly me home to my love

Tomorrow night I'll be on my flight home. I hate flying. Really, I like the destination but i don't like geting on flights, not anymore. I used to but I'm kinda over it now I guess. Ok, so I've ever been among da steerage in economy. If I'm in another class I might not be going on about this right now. I'm sure you have experienced it as well, being back there among da plebs. Makes one feel like a caged animal, confined to a cramped seat, being fed food dat's barely edible (oki, so caged animals don't usually get gin n tonics =^.^=)
How I wish i could just tp to mah destination or mebbe strap on mah wings n fly *sighs* A kitteh can dream can't he?
Well not too bad this trip. I've only overspent mah budget by just a little and with only 5kg excess baggage. Mainly on smexy clothes, yummie cakes n cookies. I had my eyes on a Hermes leather belt with a brushed silver H buckle but da price tag had too many zeros in it, *sighs again* Hopefully I'll catch u inworld soon. Peace.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm everything I am...becuz you loved me

/me wipes a tear from his eyes. Yeah I need tissues after watching this vid. Charise is only 15-16 years old but such a powerful and magnificent voice. Dedicating this to my sunshine, Very G.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

there's more than one way to stroke mah tail...

I've gots mahself a MSN account now so ya can get even closer n more personal wit me :P


just add me!

Here's a little something to brighten your day cause it did for me =^.^= *purrssss*

Happy Valentines Day! *licks n kisses*

I took this pic in one of the shop windows while wandering around in HK. Valentines day is coming up tomorrow and everywhere there's advertising for it. All I can think of is I won't be there to spend it with my Very. *criez* I'm taking comfort looking back at the pics of us together. I still remember the day we met at Boots beach...a chance meeting.

Last rays of sunlight inundating the beach by the bonfire, a stranger chanced upon, eye contact flickering like electric currents, dizziness and uncertainty, pervading wafts of musky manliness, enthrallment and intoxication.

Exploring a new sim, adventure requiring tremendous courage, trailing behind in discretion, restlessness and preplexity, stirring blood, test of patience, making signal and awaiting response.

Image of the stranger recurring day and night, irrepresible yearning, magical touch of finger tips kindling a fiery passion, engulfing euphoria, seething excitement.

Insatiable hunger for every taste of each other's body, lips dripping with honey, savouring the feast of flesh, licking, purring, kissing, moaning.

Solemn pledge of love put on hold, wandering hand in hand, unrestraint enjoyment of each other's company, breathing each other's breath, adieu to solitude, pure pleasure.

Even if we can't be together all the time every moment together is pure bliss and the moments apart makes our hearts grow fonder. Every time I get a message from him, i smile. Everytime I see him online I rush over to be in his arms, purring since words escape my tongue and I stand there with my mouth open and grinning from ear to ear, even when I had already planned on what to say. My sunshine Very, I Love You!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Postcard from HK

I'm starting to get withdrawl symptoms from SL, lol, just kiddin...tho I'm missin mah sunshine Very very much. Constantly thinkin of you babe. Missin mah bros n friends too.

So far fo good. Enjoyin the food n sights here, plenty of eye candy too :P
Oki now for da serious stuff. Shopping!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Holidays!!! Yays!!!

Managed to spend some time with mah sunshine Very G tonite just before I fly off tomorrow morning. Still gotta finish packing but I took a break from it just to check inworld to see if he's there. Been a bit low spirited thinking that I couldn't see my beloved before I leave for 2 n a half weeks. But shortly after I logged in, He appeared in front of me. I'm all smiles now, in fact there a huge grin on mah face. I brought him to our brother's hangout to try out Franzi's new kitteh bed with him but it wouldn't work for him, mebbe it's family only? dunno but i suspect it since i can only get it to work when i gots on mah 'brother' tag. So we settled on the rug instead. Talking about sweet nothings and spending time in his arms, kissing him, licking him. That's so purrrrrrrrrrrrr. That really made mah night it did. I'm gonna miss you a lot Very. Will be thinking of you. I love you babe!

I'm gonna miss my bros too: Franzi, Spanki, Douggie, Rammy, Nevie, Kyne, Darwin. You all be good, well be bad if you must :P

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sinistyle Designs

Oki I must fess up....I've been shopping again even on a limited budget, can't help it I'm a kitteh =^.^=

Had a look in Sinistyle cause I saw some arm straps dat I liked. This is not just an ordinary store, it's set in a gothic mansion with a graveyard n church in da grounds too. Set enviro settings to midnite for da best effect. I like the accessories there: belts, straps, boots, collar, etc...but i'll settle for arm n leg straps for now. While checking out da graveyard a skeleton snuck up on me while I wuz busy brushing off da cobwebs caught in mah hair, turned out he just wanted to flick off a spider dat wuz crawling up mah back! Yikes!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Here kitty, kitty, kitty

I'm gettin a whole load of mah smexi bro Franzi these few days makin up for da last few weeks dat I haven't seen him, not that I'm complainin. Made me quite happi in fact. He showed me a new bed he bought and we got to try it out, ful of kitteh anims in it....soooo cool! Got around to talking a bit after dat and somehow it let to us cleaning out our closets, so much clothes there dat I didn't know I had. Rammy popped in for a chat then after we finally got dressed da 3 of us headed to HnH to catch Gregster's set there. So nice to dance with mah brothers again. *purrssssss* 
Da next session saw us at da Pavilion with DJ Wesley. Actually today wuz a bit different cuz Wes gave his partner Robbie a mic too so it wuz da "Wes n Robbie blabberthon", now I'm not sure if Robbie wuz under da influence of tequila but they were soooo funni, had me laffin most of da time. Not the usual Wessey babblings. Note to self: gotta teach Wessey how to pronounce Maurer next time. ^^ Franzi n Rammy joined me there too but Rammy kept krashing, like over a dozen times, poor bro, musta have bruises all over. Mah other bro Darwin wuz there too with his hubby Toby, who I suspect haz a crush on me. Our smexi little bro Douggie snuck in too, didn't realise it until he wuz right in front of me. Such a cutie, meow! I couldn't help mahself, kept licking both of mah smexi kitteh bros. Momma kitteh musta have been a stunner cause she kept having such smexi kittens. Now I wonder who daddy(s) is....

The Persian Palace

On one mah random forage of exploring new sims I came across The Persian Palace in Sparta (slurl:http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sparta/200/206/23) just one sim to the east of Boots
 beach. Now I love architecture and the builds here by Scottie Menges blew me away. Go to his site for more scottiemenges.com

The palace is built in the moorish style, purrfect for those hot days where you just want to laze around a cooling fountian on a marble bench. Now with a few servants around you can feel just like an arabian prince (or princess^^). Come nightfall you can enjoy a fireworks display here too....psst, switch to set em off is just inside the main entrance to the right. 

Now to explore the rest of Scottie's builds....

Oh I almost forgot, Scottie asked lil ol me to star in a music vid, here it is, enjoy :) Thankies sooooo much Scottie for making this vid *huggs n licks*

Tempura Island revisited

Spent da first day of my holiday with Very, my sunshine. Missed him so much. The very moment I see him online is enough to make me smile. It feels so right to be in his arms again, kissing him, mmmmmmm...wanted the moment to last forever. I took him to the place where we had our first date. It still holds a special something for me there.

At first I wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing. Falling in love and entering into a relationship with a man who I couldn't see all da time cause of our RL. All sorts of questions ran thru mah mind: is it gonna work?, will he still love me if he just sees me once a week?, how would he feel about me being so close to mah (incestuous) brothers? I shouldn't have worried. My sunshine assures me that he loves me and will wait for me. Dat is more than enough for me. All mah worries turn to joy when I'm with him. I LOVE you Very!!!! You are my sunshine in the rain *kitteh kisses n licks* 

As promised I've won't go into the details of out intimate session together but here a peek thru the golden veils =^.^= 

After our special time together we headed to Boots beach. What a surprise to hear man bro Franzi greet me there! I led Very over to Franzi and joined him dancin with Kyoka. Had da best time dancing with two of my fav people...er, tiger counts as people too I guess....hehe. Tiger had too much clothing on too which I had to help him get out of with mah trusty claws. Pretty soon it was sleepy time for this kitteh n Very. What a pleasant way to finish da night. *puuurrrsssss*

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Can't get you outta mah head

La la la, la la la-la la, la la la, la la la-la la. I just can't get you out of my head. Boy your loving is all I think about. I just can't get you out of my head. Boy it's more than I dare to think about ...

Kylie musta have Very on her mind too when she sang dat song. 

Finally managed to catch up with my love the last couple of days even if ever so briefly. No matter how tired I was I needed to head his voice, feel his touch, gaze into his eyes...and let me tell you I was (and still am) really tired. The workaholic that I am just did twelve 8 hr shifts in the span of 8 days, non stop. And I was the one who wrote the roster too. Why do I do this to myself I hear you ask? Well I had to get the new menu up n going before I head off for my holidays, making sure everything will continue to run smoothly in my absence, yadda, yadda, yadda. I'm so looking forward to my break, all 3 weeks of it. And I'm off to Hong Kong for 20 days...Hooooooo!

OMG! I just realised it's also 20 days without SL! Booo. I'll be missing u all, especially you Very and mah brothers too.