Friday, October 17, 2008

Settling down n into the family

Spanki, Franzi, Me, Spike

What a fun couple of days. 

Yesterday, managed to catch up with Dadaist, the cutie-horny-pink-skunk-with-such-beautiful-eyes-makes-me-wanna-cuddle-him and Rhodes, my mate from W.A. on Boot's Beach n chatted about everything and nothing. Luv ya both to bitz.

Today, went to Premier for a bit of tail shakin. Franzi introduced me to our other brother. Finally got to meet that spankalicious Spanki. Since about half the guys there were already nakie i thoughts "what the heck!" and tossed my clothes to the side too. We even managed to get referred to as the couple of naked nekos over by the corner :P, well i didn't take that too seriously as something or rather someone smexy caught mah wondering eye: Spike. And so i made another neko buddy...Yays! Gotta get him to our neko nites. We continues dancing until the party wuz way over. Talk, talk, talk...Dance, dance, dance. Jeremie came n joined in for a bit too. Sooo glad to have these guys as mah brothers though Spanki really needs to grow a tail =^.^=

Oh! this kitteh iz not homeless anymore...Yays! Franzi iz building a neko haven in hiz parcel and says i cans stay there. Hugggies n licks brother!

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