Friday, November 6, 2009

Last and final post

Everything had a season I guess and its time to for this to end. In a week this blog will be gone. Thankies to all who followed this and reads it.

Bai baiis.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Last min notice!

My bro Spanki is havin his work displayed at the Tainted Boys Art Gallery grand opening today 18th Oct at 9am-12pm PST. Go and support this kitteh. More info including the all important lm on his blog here.

I'm proud of you Spanki *purrrrz*

Sunday, October 18, 2009


OMG! I just realised.......I'll be turning 2 years old in just over 2 weeks!!!! Just thought I'd share one of my random thoughts =^.^=

Oh and in other news I just bought sum catnip seeds and planted them today. It sez 15-20 days to germinate so I'll be watching dat lil pot of soil excited, watchin new life appear....and when it getz bif enuf to harvest.....*big grin*

totally unrelated pic but i thought I'd share, luv da look on his face and eyes *purrrz*

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ramblings of a kitteh

What a mad couple of weeks it has been. As some of you may already know I work lots of hours in rl but this particular week i did almost 70 hours and without any breaks too. At one point it got a bit too much for me and I almost broke down and cried. I was just barely hanging in there with two fingers left holding on to the edge. (Some of you may have seen the poster of a kitty hanging onto a branch wif the caption "Hang in there", in the Simpsons i think)

Well you know how the saying goes....when things are bad the only way is up, or sumthin like dat. And things have been lookin up and up. I gots to see my beloved Very twice this week *PURRRRRZ* which is a big bonus cuz we could meet about once a week or less. It had been almost 3 weeks without being in his arms.

On Monday I partied all day (Sun nite for most of you). I ha dplanned to head to the Pavilion but Wes had cancelled his set there due to him DJing at the Pillars of Hercules a little while later on. So what am a kitteh to do all dressed up and nowhere to go? Called up Carson and we headed to Starfall to dance for a bit. Carson called the other kittehs too, Cristophe and Toby, since we were all in the same boat, without a club to go to. Before I knew it, 6pm flashed up on the clock. Time to head to Pillars of Hercules for my weekly fix of Wessey (DJ Wesley Spengler for da rest of you). Kyne showed up as we were leaving. Pity cuz I haven't seen my cute blue haired bro for some time but I needed Wes like a drug. 6.07 and the opening party for Pillars of Hercules was well underway (read: lag). Took a little while to rezz. This time, the time realli flew and I was almost late for Blaze. 6.58pm. Not a good look for the dancer to turn up after the guests have arrived. Jarrod was DJing for the final time for the club at Stockquotes before we move the club to Backdraft. My kitteh posse came and supported me and for that I am realli grateful: Carson, Toby, Cristophe, Landrew. My smexi bro Nevie came too, I had missed him while he was away. Special mention to the family and co-workers at Blaze: Jonathan, Jarrod, Joshua, Xzno, Jester, Anders...luvs youse all!

Now here's the exciting news: Blaze will now be on its own sim at Backdraft estates consisting of the main club, rave club, Olympos gym & sauna, rental apartments & properties and our homes. Yes, our tree will be relocated to Backdraft. Hopefully we will stay put now for a while (/me raises an eyebrow at Joshua then giggles).

Sunday, October 11, 2009


At last I've found my long lost lil bro Aki and brought him to my tree. We lounged on da cushions in front of the fire place and chatted, getting to know each other again, actually its more like me filling Aki in on what's been happenin cuz you see my lil bro had an accident and lost part of his memory. Earlier I had seen him at Josh and Jarrod's wedding, even asked him to dance wif me later but he said that he didn't know me and walked off. I musta admit I felt crushed.

Now that we're reunited again everything is purrfect again. Spending time cuddling with him, goin shoppin, takin him by da hand and showin him new places he's neva been before like Mission beach and Tempura Island. He's been sayin dat he needs to find a suitable partner so what better place than Mission beach where I met my best mate Joshie and the most wonderful man that became my beloved, Very. Aki realli needs to go out and meet people but he's a shy kitteh.
Me and Aki at Tempura. I wore mah old hair so we could look more alike cept that Aki's a bit shorter (being mah lil bro) but he's packed wif muscles.

Monday, September 28, 2009

More Weddings

A big congratulations to Joshua and Jarrod on getting married today!!!!

I have the honour of being Joshie's best man and Xzno is Jarrod's. Tobias stands in as the ring bearer while Joshiwa gets to walk Joshie down the aisle. Amazing planning by Jonathan in getting the whole ceremony under way complete with horse drawn carriages, doves and fireworks. The beautiful Syriana officiated the wedding ceremony with much tears of joy being shed by all.

I hope this works, its my first time making something and putting it up on youtube. I love you both *kisses*

An extract of the ceremony:

[19:11] Syriana Paine: Jarrod and Joshua , it is our joy to witness and celebrate your wedding in a rich celebration, sustained as we are in the mysterious power of all creation and whose core is Love.
[19:11] Syriana Paine: You come here today as individuals. You come to become one -- of course not to lose yourselves, but instead to promise a new life of unity and love.
And we, your family and friends, have gathered here to share in your joy and to ask the infinite power in creation to bless you. We hold that marriage is a gift, sealed by an achiest, lasting sacred covenant.
[19:11] Syriana Paine: Who presents this couple to be married?
[19:11] Justyn Maurer: we do
[19:11] Joshiwa Meadowbrook: i do
[19:12] Syriana Paine: Know now before you go further, that since your lives have crossed in this life you have formed ties between each other. As you seek to enter this state of partnership you should strive to make real, the ideals which give meaning to both this ceremony and the institution of partnership.
[19:12] Syriana Paine: With full awareness, know that within this circle you are not only declaring your intent to be joined before your friends and family, but you speak that intent also to the universe. The promises made today and the ties that are bound here greatly strengthen your union; they will cross the years and lives of each soul's growth.
[19:12] Syriana Paine: Do you still seek to enter this ceremony?
[19:12] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: yes
[19:13] Joshua Cartauld: yes
[19:13] Syriana Paine reaches her hands out, holding a hand of each of the grooms, elevating them slightly and looking into both of their eyes a moment and then to the friends and family gathered to witenss their love and dedication to eachother, smiling she looks back to them and begins the blessing.
[19:13] Syriana Paine: These are the hands that will passionately love you and cherish you through the years, for a lifetime of happiness.
[19:13] Syriana Paine: These are the hands that will countless times wipe the tears from your eyes: tears of sorrow and tears of joy.
[19:13] Syriana Paine: These are the hands that will comfort you in illness, and hold you when fear or grief racks your mind.
[19:14] Syriana Paine: These are the hands that will hold you tight as you struggle through difficult times.
[19:14] Syriana Paine: These are the hands that will give you support and encourage you to chase your dreams. Together, everything you wish for can be realized.
[19:14] Syriana Paine: Jarrod , Will you cause him pain?
[19:14] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: I may
[19:14] Syriana Paine: Is that your intent?
[19:14] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: no
[19:14] Syriana Paine: Joshua , Will you cause him pain?
[19:14] Joshua Cartauld: I may
[19:14] Syriana Paine: Is that your intent?
[19:14] Joshua Cartauld: no
[19:14] Syriana Paine: Will you share each other's pain and seek to ease it?
[19:15] Joshua Cartauld: yes
[19:15] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: yes
[19:15] Syriana Paine: And so the binding is made.
[19:15] Syriana Paine takes their hands from hers and joins them together, draping the first chord across their hands.
[19:15] Syriana Paine: Joshua , Will you share his laughter?
[19:15] Joshua Cartauld: yes
[19:15] Syriana Paine: Jarrod, Will you share his laughter?
[19:15] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: yes
[19:15] Syriana Paine: Will both of you look for the brightness in life and the positive in each other?
[19:16] Joshua Cartauld: yes
[19:16] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: yes
[19:16] Syriana Paine: And so the binding is made.
[19:16] Syriana Paine drapes the second chord across their hands.
[19:16] Syriana Paine: Jarrod, Will you burden him?
[19:16] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: I may
[19:16] Syriana Paine: Is that your intent?
[19:16] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: NO
[19:16] Syriana Paine: Joshua, Will you burden him?
[19:16] Joshua Cartauld: I may
[19:17] Syriana Paine: Is that your intent?
[19:17] Kahlen Parx: hehe
[19:17] Joshua Cartauld: No
[19:17] Syriana Paine: Will you share the burdens of each so that your spirits may grow in this union?
[19:17] Joshua Cartauld: yes
[19:17] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: yes
[19:17] Syriana Paine: And so the binding is made.
[19:17] Syriana Paine drapes the third chord across their hands.
[19:17] Syriana Paine: Joshua, will you share his dreams?
[19:17] Joshua Cartauld: yes
[19:17] Syriana Paine: Jarrod, will you share his dreams?
[19:17] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: yes
[19:17] Syriana Paine: Will you dream together to create new realities and hopes?
[19:18] Joshua Cartauld: yes
[19:18] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: yes
[19:18] Syriana Paine: And so the binding is made.
[19:18] Syriana Paine drapes the fourth chord across their hands.
[19:18] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: *smiles*
[19:18] Syriana Paine: Jarrod, will you cause him anger?
[19:18] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: I may
[19:18] Syriana Paine: Is that your intent?
[19:18] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: God no
[19:18] Syriana Paine: Joshua , will you cause him anger?
[19:18] Joshua Cartauld: i may
[19:18] Syriana Paine: Is that your intent?
[19:19] Joshua Cartauld: no
[19:19] Syriana Paine: Will you take the heat of anger and use it to temper the strength of this union?
[19:19] Joshua Cartauld: we will
[19:19] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: yes
[19:19] Syriana Paine: And so the binding is made.
[19:19] Syriana Paine drapes the fifth chord across the couples hand.
[19:19] Syriana Paine: Joshua, Will you honor him?
[19:19] Joshua Cartauld: i will
[19:19] Syriana Paine: Jarrod, Will you honor him?
[19:20] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: I will
[19:20] Syriana Paine: Will you seek to never give cause to break that honor?
[19:20] Joshua Cartauld: we shall never do so
[19:20] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: we shall never do so
[19:20] Syriana Paine: And so the binding is made.
[19:20] Syriana Paine drapes the six and final chord across their hands
[19:20] Syriana Paine: At this time, Jarrod and Joshua would like to share their personal vows to eachother. Joshua, will you go first?
[19:20] Jonathan Schenkel: *tears*
[19:21] Joshua Cartauld: My darling Jarrod
[19:21] Joshua Cartauld: I have thought and thought over what words to say for this our commitment but I know that anything that I say will pale in comparison to the words I know you will find.
[19:22] Joshua Cartauld: I take your hand in this second life and pledge my love to you.
[19:22] Joshua Cartauld: I promise to love you honour you and work with you for as long as you want me
[19:22] Joshua Cartauld: and although I can never give you more than this second life I want you to know that my feelings for you run as deep as any real life love I have ever known;
[19:22] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: *cries*
[19:22] Joshua Cartauld: and I know that one day, not in this real life but in the next we will be together and I look forward to that day.
[19:23] Joshua Cartauld: I stand here now ready to commit to you.
[19:23] Joshua Cartauld: My second life is yours to guide. I will be faithful and true to you, forsaking all others.
[19:23] Joshua Cartauld: You are and always will be the Keeper of my Soul and the Holder of my Heart.
[19:24] Joshua Cartauld: You are My Prince, My Protector, My Lover and My Life and I promise to make this second life as happy for you as I can.
[19:24] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: *smiles*
[19:24] Joshua Cartauld: You are my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night.
[19:24] Joshua Cartauld: I see your name and my heart takes flight, soaring a thousand feet into the sky, filling me with a euphoria that I can not describe.
[19:25] Joshua Cartauld: you are a drug and I am hopelessly addicted to you.
[19:25] Justyn Maurer wipes tears from his eyes
[19:25] Joshua Cartauld: You infuse my world with colours so bright they blind me to the real world, and lead me straight to you.
[19:25] Joshiwa Meadowbrook: stands Proud...
[19:25] Joshua Cartauld: Your happiness is my happiness: your sadness my sadness: your laughter is my laughter and your tears are my tears.
[19:26] Joshua Cartauld: You are an amazing man. your heart and generosity knows no bounds.
[19:26] Joshua Cartauld: I love you Jarrod Fitzpatrick and always will. Please accept me as your husband for now and always as I accept you.
[19:27] Syriana Paine smiles at him softly. Jarrod, will you share yours now, please?
[19:27] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: I would like to start with a poem by the English poet Christopher Marlowe.
[19:27] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: It lies not in our power to love or hate,
For will in us is overruled by fate.
When two are stripped, long ere the course begin,
We wish that one should love, the other win;
And one especially do we affect
Of two gold ingots, like in each respect:
The reason no man knows, let it suffice,
What we behold is censured by our eyes.
Where both deliberate, the love is slight:
Who ever loved, that loved not at first sight?
[19:28] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: Love at first sight. Everyone knows believes they know what it means. I stand here today, before you, my friends and family, to tell you I truly know what “Love at first sight means.”
[19:28] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: From the moment you crossed my sight Joshua, my heart belonged to you. The unspoken words, the passed glances, across this maze of wires and electronics, across thousands of miles of ocean, over rock and tree, city and country, your love came to me at that very first sight.
[19:29] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: A new day... no, a new life began in that instant in that "first sight". The torrent of love the flowed over me washed away any trace of who I was of my previous life. And just like Marlowe with a fresh parchment and a sharp quill, the book of “OUR” life was begun at the moment of that very first sight.
[19:29] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: Joshua Cartauld, I stand before you on this day and pledge that every day from this day to the next, every life from this life to the next, I will love you as though it were my very first sight.
[19:29] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: I give into your care all that I am and all that I ever will be and offer you this humble abode deep in my heart where you may dwell for all time in safety and love.
[19:29] Joshua Cartauld: wipes tears from his eyes
[19:30] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: I pledge to lift you up into the shining light of the day and help you to achieve every dream that your heart can design. To build, everyday that we are given, a life as strong and steadfast as the foundation that was laid with that very first sight.
[19:30] Wesley Witrial sniffles
[19:30] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: I love you Joshua. You are my best friend.
Today I give myself to you in partnership.
I promise to encourage and inspire you, to laugh with you, and to comfort you in times of sorrow and struggle.
[19:30] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: I promise to love you in good times and in bad,
when life seems easy and when it seems hard,
when our love is simple, and when it is an effort.
[19:31] Alic White: *get hanky out and offers it to wes *
[19:31] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: I promise to cherish you, and to always hold you in highest regard.

These things I give to you today, and all the days of our life.
[19:31] Syriana Paine begins tying the chords together, looking to them both, "The knots of this binding are not formed by these chords but instead by your vows. Either of you may drop the chords, for as always, you hold in your own hands the making or breaking of this union."
[19:31] Syriana Paine carefully removes the chords and places them on the altar.
[19:32] Syriana Paine: Who holds the rings?
[19:32] Tobias Reyes: I do.
[19:32] Syriana Paine: These rings are circles, symbols that remind us of the Sun, and the Earth, and the universe. Symbols of holiness, of perfection and peace ... that which has no beginning and no end.
[19:32] Syriana Paine: Exchange rings and state for each, “with this ring, I thee wed”
[19:33] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: Joshua, with this rign I thee wed
[19:33] Joshua Cartauld: jarrod with this ring i thee wed
[19:33] Syriana Paine: Only a couple can administer the sacrament of marriage to each other, and only a couple can sanctify it. No entity or person can grant me the authority to declare what only two hearts can declare, and what only two souls can make real.
[19:34] Syriana Paine: And so now, inasmuch as you, Jarrod, and you, Joshua , have announced the truths that are already written in your hearts, and have witnessed the same in the presence of these, your family and friends, -- we observe joyfully that you have declared yourselves to be ... husband and husband. You may kiss.
[19:34] Joshua Cartauld: i love you jarrod
[19:34] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: ^VV^^V^PuRRrSss^VV^^V
[19:34] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: ^VV^^V^PuRRrSss^VV^^V
[19:34] Raver Xeno: #### .+*^^*+ .....:: A*P*P*L*A*U*S*E !!! ::..... .+*^^*+.
[19:34] Joshua Cartauld puRrrRrRrrrrRrr
[19:34] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: I love you baby
[19:34] Kahlen Parx Hooooowls!!!
[19:34] Justyn Maurer: =^_^= Puuurrrrrrrrrrrsss =^_^=
[19:34] Joshiwa Meadowbrook: claps
[19:35] Alic White: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[19:35] Jonathan Schenkel: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE****
[19:35] Presenting Jarrod Fitzpatrick and Joshua Cartauld . May we wish the happy couple a house full of sunshine, hearts full of cheer, and love that grows deeper each day of the year !
[19:35] Alic White: +*✰*+ HOoho hohoHOoho hohoHOoho hohoHOOoo !!! +*✰*+
[19:35] Joshiwa Meadowbrook: YEEEEEHAAAWWWWW!!!!!!
[19:35] Syriana Paine: I present to you Mr Jarrod Cartuid and Mr. Joshua Fitzpatrick.

On the hunt again

Went hunting again today wif one of my fav pink haired kitteh (actually my only pink haired kitteh =^.^=). This time its the Dark Katz hunt, see their site here. I had dressed quite nekoish while Carson came wearing what you see in the pic above. Its actually quite distracting really cuz I kept wanting to perv on him and lick him instead of concentrating on the hunt. So to make it fair I changed to a similar look as well. I'm sure we must have turned heads wherever we went...hehehh. There was one place where it was all glowwy pink and there was a catwalk, and of course being kittehs we hopped up and strutted our stuff.

An earlier pic when we danced wif DJ Wesley Spengler at da Pavilion...oh, and those feet behind belonged to Cristophe and Landrew cuz I couldn't get them in da shot.

Friday, September 25, 2009

I ish extremely tired but happi. Happi that i gots to see my kitteh Very tonite. Even if it was just for over an hour or so cuz he had to rush off for an emergency. Babe, I'm with you in spirit.

I also started to RP at the Isle of Tidra. Franzi started its own blog which i think is a good idea so that others can easily catch up with the storyline in progress and add to the richness of it.

I'm also on da dark katz hunt Soooooo....all this is keeping me occupied.

Oki..brain had shutdown nao.....sooo Bai Baiiiisssssss!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I hear wedding bells

Congrats to my bro Spanki and Miki in getting partnered! Yays!!! Aren't they just so sweet together?

You deserve all happiness for what you've gone thru. *Huggggs n lickkks*

Monday, September 21, 2009

Standing in the light of Very's halo :)

For my baby, Very *kisses the tip of your nose*