Thursday, May 28, 2009

What I've been up to lately

I've finally decided to go wif the Truth hair. Been thinkin for a while and this week I gots my hair done, lemme know wat you think. I just thought its time to tame mah wild blonde mop of hair.

So I started wif good intentions this week. I had planned to practice mah building skills, wanted to make a fountain but every single time I get distracted too easily and ended up dancin. On Mon nite I decided to check out Second Pride. Pretty good set up, Levi built some of the sets there and I saw Rammy's quilt there too. Now why didn't I submit an entry? Oh...mebbe too much RL stuff going on these last few weeks. If only theres a switch I can hit to log outta RL, heheh. So anyways I caught the tail end of DJ Muhu's set at Pride then DJ Willilicious was on. Is it just me or it got hot in here wif so many hot men around? Peeled mah top off and danced wif mah hands in da air. Made another cute kitteh friend, Rhydderch, sandwiching Willi as he continued to spin his tunes in his jockstrap. And all too soon it had to end for me as I realised how late it was and TPed straight home to crawl into mah warm bed.

Just dance...gonna be oki, da doodoomm....just dance, dance, dance!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Meowing up a treeee

Juz n Very sitting on a tree
k, i, s, s, i, n, g
and licking and stuff....heheh

Was a wonderous time when we revisited Tempura Isle the other day. For some reason I can't remember, I decided to cam thru the treetops and came across a cushion amongst the branches there. So being a curious kitteh that I am, I decided to climb up that tree and take a closer look. Was quite a comfy cushion. I settled in to wait for mah hubby to turn up. Didn't take him long before he landed on top of me n joined me in our little 'nest'. Was realli wonderful just to spend time on his lap, chatting, the warm sunlight filtered thru the leaves. His wondering hands soon had other plans, heheh.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Congrats Franzi & Kenshi

Today my bro Franzi officially wed his beloved Kenshi after being partnerd for 3 months. They look spectacular all dressed in white, positively dazzling. JC officiated the ceremony (besides being a smexi cowboy it turns out that he is an official minister as well). Nevie beautifully designed and constructed the wedding area and dance pavilion at Dark Path. DJ Daffy supplied the tunes. This is an occacion to celebrate, to be happi. But I feel aweful. For you see I missed the wedding ceremony, I let mah bro down. He even reminded me not to sleep in too. Here's wat happened...

With the wedding being at 12pm PST on Sunday means 5am Monday in Australia. I had set 2 alarms to wake me up. I thought that should get me up and I napped. I was really looking forward to the wedding, I was so excited that I woke up in the middle of the night and glanced at the clock...3am...good, i can sleep for another 1.5 hours at least. I woke up again a little while later and looked at the time again...3am...and it didn't even register in mah sleepy kitteh brain that the battery had died, and I slept again. I heard the other alarm go off and hit the off button thinking that i can afford another 2 mins. I was soo exausted the day before. Next thing knew it was 5.30am and I jumped out of bed and logged in immediately. I landed in front of the dance pavilion, heart racing, feeling dreadful that I had missed the ceremony :( I scanned the crowd, quite a few familiar faces, several that I haven't seen in ages (Spanki, JC, Jojo, Daffy, Ades), and a few that I haven't met before. Feeling ashamed of myself I hung around the edge of the dance pavilion and didn't talk much. JC came up to me and we talked a lil bit, made me laugh too, thats the kind of guy he is.

[13:22] Justyn Maurer: and the minister strips!
[13:22] Justyn Maurer: heh
[13:22] Jordyn Carnell: lol.. bet you havn't been at a wedding where THAT has happened before

As Very wasn't there to dance the slow dances with me I asked Nevie to. The smexie kitty kept rubbing up on me or was it the other way round? Pretty soon I was feelin hot and had to strip off for the faster dance set. Somehow I couldn't get on Franzi's dance huddles to sync with the rest of the brothers there. Mebbe its mah punishment by the gods of SL. I dunno. Just feeling kinda left out. *sighs*

oki now looking bak upon this post I realised that I'm selfish. This is supposed to be Kenshi n Franzi's big day and I let my feelings get in the way. So I had a bad day, things go wrong, and it shouldn't affect me this way. From now on i'm going to keep positive and not let things weigh me down needlessly :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another dance vid

Scottie Menges just made another youtube vid at his build, the Persian Palace, in Sparta and got a few of us to dance there. I manage to pull Nev into it as well. Pretty good work on the vid Scottie. Watch it in HQ, its much bettah.

Love neva fails

Its just over 2 months now that me n Very haz been partnered and I love him even more than ever before. The times that were apart actually binds our hearts closer together. Not a day goes by when I don't think about him. So the first night we got together after over 2 weeks we danced in the Franzi's gazebo. I couldn't stop purring all nite. Just so amazingly awesome to be with Very again, his strong arms wrapped around me. I feel so secure. I smile. Our tails entwined in our embrace. My heartbeat quickened. I'm intoxicated by love's powerful elixir. We have become as one.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Chocoholics beware!

I mentioned earlier that I'd show you some of the chocolates I made while attending choc school in Melbourne. My absolute pride n joy is the choc kitteh. Now try not to lick the screen!

Play Safe

Found this in JC's blog Midcourt and I thought I'd share wif you. It's an ad for safe sex but it's quite sweet and has a happi ending. =^.^=

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Justyn's back!

What a couple of weeks!! First my computer had some hardwear problems, got that sorted out in a week then I just had one day inworld rubbing n cuddling up wif mah bros Kyne n Wulf before I had to head off to Melbourne for a week. Yays! Work is paying for the flight n accommodation n chocolate course i'm doing there so i'm not complainin, double yays! This is easily one of the best courses I've done, really fun too n we get to take all the stuff we make home...triple yays!!! One of my fav pieces is a moulded choc kitteh i made. We all get to choose the shape of mould so of course i went straight away to pick the kitteh one. I'll have to put up the pic in the next post. Another highlight is visiting Brunetti, an italian cafe/restaurant in Carlton....such amazing cakes n pastries, so much inspiration. I'm in awed by it all. But the most memorable moment for me is that i got to see Wicked, such an awesome musical, and if you manage to get the chance I recommend you go see it. The tunes are stuck in mah head now. Here is a clip of the song Defying Gravity (not sure which country this production is from)

The other tune I luv is Dancing Through Life