Saturday, October 25, 2008

A few disconnected thoughts...

I've been tryin to get into da halloween thing by gettin some orange glowy whiskers, ears n tail (can't help shopping =^.^=) since it's not big at all in Australia.

Torn between heading to the sexy nerd party at Tiger's Isle and DJ Wessey's gig at the Pavilion on Tues...whats a kitteh to do? I goes to both of course. First at the Pavilion then off to dance with mah brothers at Tiger's Isle. Gives a whole new meaning to brotherly luv when i danced nakie with Nevie with mah hard dripping shaft sliding between his legsfeeling his hot skin on mine, rubbing up on his hard lean body, mmmm...Rawr! Ooooh, Franzi got a group hug ring thingy too. Totally hawt to get into a group hug with a whole bunch of nakie guys. Kinda like one of mah fantasies cummin true where I'm in da middle licking all da hot cocks around me, cum shootin on...oops, gettin carried away here, heheeeh.

Always good chattin with mah m8 Rhodes over at Boots Beach, I'm alwayz at ease around him and he knows how to make a kitteh feel appreciated, purrrrz. 

I'm really lookin forward to JC's monthly rez day party now, can't wait!


SpAnKi said...

/me purrszzzzzz at Justyn, this entry turned me on! Grrrrrawlllls at his smexi brotha ;P


Justyn Maurer said...

Mah entry turned you on? Hehehe I hope so, now just bend over more and open up wider....Ohhh you mean that part about Nev. All our brothers iz sooo smexy, yous included ^.~