Friday, October 3, 2008

Moving on

Can i let go of someone so easily? *sigh* This may take some time i guess. So i wuz doin a spot of shopping yesterday to distract myself and Ev pops me a line and asks if i wants to hang out for a bit. So i says oki and heads over to his place. Such a nice cute lil tiger. We danced for a bit, nuzzling our noses, stealing a kiss here and there, letting our hands wonder over each other's bodies. He told me that he's been wanting me for a while now. I'm touched but i don't think i can handle it, moving on so fast. This kitteh's heart may take some time to heal. 

Later on that day i began to wander the sims again. This time i revisited my old haunt at Tristar. I dunno what led me there. Just as Cat caught my eye (actually his boots caught my eye first^^) he IMs me. Smexiness! We got on a couch, cuddling and flirting. Suddenly i'm all timid again. I may not be ready for love but i need to release my pent up frustration. Just as we're about to go for it, i krashed :/ *sighs* Is SL trying to tell me something here? Or just bad timing. Hmmm....

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