Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Then and now and strange mushrooms

I found an old pic of me which I thought I'd show you
Way back when I had short hair, oki so not thaat far back

Juz - June 2009

The last couple of nights spent with Very had been pure joy. The moment he came online got mah heart all aflutter cuz you see we can only meet about once or twice a week lately cuz of our Rl schedules. All this time waiting for him had made me love him more, our passion still as intense as when we first kissed.

In between times I've been hanging out with Jay (Joshua Cartauld) more. And Raz too. Just sometimes I fell like a third wheel when I hang out with those 2 lovers. Live yesterday at this romantic sim (Affection Romantic Garden) which Jay found. All the poseballs there are for couples, dances for couples, etc. So while they're dancing I took a look around and found this interesting mushroom on the forest floor. Just a little nibble, it smells nice I thought, what harm could it do I thought. Next thing I knew I was up in the air, flying, literally! I must say this kitteh is easily amused and that kept me entertained for quite a while =^.^=
I called Jay m Raz to join in too. Managed to take a pic before we kittehs got too dizzy.

Monday, June 22, 2009

All tied up

Well there's just something i find titillating at the thought of being tied up, tho I'm not sure I'm ready for dungeon RP yet. I dropped in today at home and heard cries and screams coming from downstairs where Franzi keeps a dungeon. I snuck downstairs and peeped in. Franzi had bought a new rack and was testing it out on Kenshi. Those two love their RPing. Seeing Kenshi stripped naked and chained on the rack with red welts across his back turned me on I must say. But what is it about bondage that makes it so appealing to some? There is a part in all of us that wishes to dominate others, to feel the power of being the alpha dog (or kitteh in our case =^.^=) and another part of us that wants to be dominated, wishing to be subdued and to please our master. But for now this kitteh will just watch on.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Times when i just needed a laff, from Thanks to my bro Spanki who pointed out the site to me :)

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Return to Blu

So who cares if a club isn't open. Joshua (Jay for short) felt like dancing so we snuck into Blu in Boystown to have our own lil private party. Since he's all dressed in white (he felt pure he says, lol) I thought I'll go the opposite direction and embraced da dark side. Khriss was there as well in body, tho his mind seems to be partly with us. I was hoping that Very would come inworld as well but as the night drew on it looks like it ain't gonna happen. Jay kept me company and we had fun dancing, rolling around on da floor like kittehs do n chatting. And just for kicks we dressed as angel and demon for a little while until we missed our right ears. The halos took off our right ear attachment you see.

Wat else have I been up to?

Oh yea. Franzi and Mick gave me a taste of RPing. Showing me how its done with attacking and capturing victims to molest, heheh. As kittehs aren't allowed on Gor we had it on Franzi's newly built (and still under building) parcel. Guess who was the one ending up captured and stripped nekkid.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday!

To Joshua Cartauld my smexi kitteh friend! Hope you had a great party.

We met at Mission beach a little while back and before I knows it he had turned neko too and now dances at Blaze club. Pssst...he's also currently going out wif Rhodes too. So wishing those two much love n happiness.

Love song dedimacations

Juz sighs happily as he lays on top of Very by the campfire, tracing obscure patterns on his chest, staring into his eyes. He starts purring in contentment, just being this close to his beloved partner is enough.

Finally after about one and a half weeks apart we managed to meet again. I knew that it would be difficult to see each other constantly with our busy RL lives and commitments but I still wanted to be his partner. Why? why? why??? Cuz I'm in love wif mah smexi kitteh hubby.

There’s only 1 thing, 2 do, 3 words, 4 you
I love you

Very my love, I'm dedimacatin this song to you :) 1,2,3,4 by the Plain White T's

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

As long as you're mine

borrowed from the song "As Long As You're Mine" from Wicked, cuz everytime I hears it I think of Very.

Kiss me too fiercely
Hold me too tight
I need help believing
You're with me tonight
My wildest dreamings
Could not forsee
Lying beside you
With you wanting me

And just for this moment
As long as you're mine
I've lost all resistance
And crossed some border line
And if it turns out
It's over too fast
I'll make every last moment last
As long as you're mine

Maybe I'm brainless
Maybe I'm wise
But you've got me seeing
Through different eyes
Somehow I've fallen
Under your spell
And somehow I'm feeling
It's "up" that I fell

Every moment
As long as you're mine
I'll wake up my body
And make up for lost time

Say there's no future
For us as a pair

And though I may know
I don't care
Just for this moment
As long as you're mine
Come be how you want to
And see how bright we shine
Borrow the moonlight
Until it is through
And know I'll be here holding you
As long as you're mine