Monday, October 19, 2009

Last min notice!

My bro Spanki is havin his work displayed at the Tainted Boys Art Gallery grand opening today 18th Oct at 9am-12pm PST. Go and support this kitteh. More info including the all important lm on his blog here.

I'm proud of you Spanki *purrrrz*

Sunday, October 18, 2009


OMG! I just realised.......I'll be turning 2 years old in just over 2 weeks!!!! Just thought I'd share one of my random thoughts =^.^=

Oh and in other news I just bought sum catnip seeds and planted them today. It sez 15-20 days to germinate so I'll be watching dat lil pot of soil excited, watchin new life appear....and when it getz bif enuf to harvest.....*big grin*

totally unrelated pic but i thought I'd share, luv da look on his face and eyes *purrrz*

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ramblings of a kitteh

What a mad couple of weeks it has been. As some of you may already know I work lots of hours in rl but this particular week i did almost 70 hours and without any breaks too. At one point it got a bit too much for me and I almost broke down and cried. I was just barely hanging in there with two fingers left holding on to the edge. (Some of you may have seen the poster of a kitty hanging onto a branch wif the caption "Hang in there", in the Simpsons i think)

Well you know how the saying goes....when things are bad the only way is up, or sumthin like dat. And things have been lookin up and up. I gots to see my beloved Very twice this week *PURRRRRZ* which is a big bonus cuz we could meet about once a week or less. It had been almost 3 weeks without being in his arms.

On Monday I partied all day (Sun nite for most of you). I ha dplanned to head to the Pavilion but Wes had cancelled his set there due to him DJing at the Pillars of Hercules a little while later on. So what am a kitteh to do all dressed up and nowhere to go? Called up Carson and we headed to Starfall to dance for a bit. Carson called the other kittehs too, Cristophe and Toby, since we were all in the same boat, without a club to go to. Before I knew it, 6pm flashed up on the clock. Time to head to Pillars of Hercules for my weekly fix of Wessey (DJ Wesley Spengler for da rest of you). Kyne showed up as we were leaving. Pity cuz I haven't seen my cute blue haired bro for some time but I needed Wes like a drug. 6.07 and the opening party for Pillars of Hercules was well underway (read: lag). Took a little while to rezz. This time, the time realli flew and I was almost late for Blaze. 6.58pm. Not a good look for the dancer to turn up after the guests have arrived. Jarrod was DJing for the final time for the club at Stockquotes before we move the club to Backdraft. My kitteh posse came and supported me and for that I am realli grateful: Carson, Toby, Cristophe, Landrew. My smexi bro Nevie came too, I had missed him while he was away. Special mention to the family and co-workers at Blaze: Jonathan, Jarrod, Joshua, Xzno, Jester, Anders...luvs youse all!

Now here's the exciting news: Blaze will now be on its own sim at Backdraft estates consisting of the main club, rave club, Olympos gym & sauna, rental apartments & properties and our homes. Yes, our tree will be relocated to Backdraft. Hopefully we will stay put now for a while (/me raises an eyebrow at Joshua then giggles).

Sunday, October 11, 2009


At last I've found my long lost lil bro Aki and brought him to my tree. We lounged on da cushions in front of the fire place and chatted, getting to know each other again, actually its more like me filling Aki in on what's been happenin cuz you see my lil bro had an accident and lost part of his memory. Earlier I had seen him at Josh and Jarrod's wedding, even asked him to dance wif me later but he said that he didn't know me and walked off. I musta admit I felt crushed.

Now that we're reunited again everything is purrfect again. Spending time cuddling with him, goin shoppin, takin him by da hand and showin him new places he's neva been before like Mission beach and Tempura Island. He's been sayin dat he needs to find a suitable partner so what better place than Mission beach where I met my best mate Joshie and the most wonderful man that became my beloved, Very. Aki realli needs to go out and meet people but he's a shy kitteh.
Me and Aki at Tempura. I wore mah old hair so we could look more alike cept that Aki's a bit shorter (being mah lil bro) but he's packed wif muscles.