Monday, October 27, 2008

JC's Oct Rezday/Bday party

Da shmexie cowboy JC hosted his monthly Rezday/Birthday party at Tigers Isle. I know Franzi wuz positively quivering with excitement as this event approached. Also a little kissing contest on da side too, with JC as da judge...lucky him, and congrats to Franzi (I wuz jumping up n down with excitement as the winner wuz announced) who initially didn't want to enter but won it anyways. Runners up are uncle Rickie, Spanki (well done brother!), Kane Maruti and da mista fuckable2008 Vanyel Dreamscape.
DJ Matieu Karlsbar provided da hawt tunes for us to dance to....mmmmm, such a smexy voice. I'm purring at the thought of hearing it again...*purrrrsssszzz*
Jojo managed to get back inworld after having some trouble with hiz computer...haven't seen him in ages! Probably didn't know that i'm hiz brother too now. *Justyn makes a mental note to greet his brother properly next time they meet, and by properly he means to rub up against Jojo and give him a good licking all over*
The three brothers: kitteh, tiger, panther. Hmmm, we could form a performing troupe and tour the sims with our act =^.^=

And as night fell so did most of the clothes it seems. Mebbe it's to keep us warm by rubbing our naked flesh against each other? Ooooh yea, that'll save heaps on da electricity bill..hehee. 

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