Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day! Happy Chinese New year!

Happy Australia Day to you aussies here in SL. Hope you had spent yours better than i have...slaving away in da kitchen, looking outside and watching everyone else having fun, partying on their yatchs, shirtless hunky guys....hmmm, actually the view is not too bad from where i work sometimes :P~ 

Aussie footy hunk Nick Youngquest....*droolzzz*

Awww, better not waste dat spilt milk, lemme lick it all up :P

Kung Hei Fat Choi/Gong Xi Fa Chai to all mah asian brothers out there too. Hope you all have a happy and prosperous year ahead of you. Hope the year of the Ox brings you many strong hunky men across your paths too, tho no one beats my beloved Very =^.^= 

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hi I'm Justyn and I'm a SL addict.

Well I've been kinda moody lately cause I can't come inworld as much as I'd like. But today I gots mah fix. Managed to have some time this morning so i caught up with mah bro Franzi. He gave me a tour of his realm in Gor, the castle he lives in with his master and his chain brothers. I must say I'm impressed with the castle. Quite a few secrets hidden in those ancient walls. We ended up sitting by the fireplace chatting away (pic left: snuggling by da fireplace with Franzi, yez dat's his alt so I won't show you his face :P). So good to catch up with you brother *purrsssszzzz, huggs n licks n more licks* Here's to happier times ahead of us.

Had a few IMs too, I'm grateful for each and everyone of you even tho we didn't manage to catch up properly but know this, you've made mah day =^.^=! Kyne, my lil cutie bro *huggs n lots of pettings*. Nevie, my smexie bro wishing you all the best with your new love *purrs n licks* Don't you ever give up, I believe in you. Ras, mah best mate, no matter how much you repeat yourself I still like to hear your adorations^^ you make me feel special. Traviis, you're the very vision of smexiness, I enjoyed our time dancing at the wharf the other day, if only we can get together more often (pic right: Traviis, borrowed from his album).

And last but the most important person in mah life, Very, I missed you a lot babe. I'm waiting to pounce on you the moment I see you and lick you all over, cover you with kisses. I truly treasure every moment I'm with you. You make me smile, you lift mah heart up, you intoxicate me with your presence.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Visions of love

Warning: this blog will now contain sappy, luvvy-duvvy stuff cause this kitty is very much in love!

It's like one of mah dreamz have come true. Me and my beloved dancing together in the glittering golden grand ballroom. The camera whirling around the room focusing on just us two. Well mah cam was anyway =^.^= and when i find out how to record a vid inworld i'll show you too. Just Very and me dancing together, me gazing into his eyes, completely oblivious to everything else around me. It felt like time had stood still, the moment was forever ours. His hands, his touch, his gentle kisses electrifying my very being, melting my soul.....*purrsssszzz* I love you babe.

By the end of the night, my beloved tucked my into mah bed, kissed me goodnite and I drifted down back to RL, cuddling mah teddy, purring to it, willing it to be Very cause i don't want to let him go and there i fell asleep with a smile on mah lips as i dream about mah beloved still dancing with me in da ballroom....zzzzz

I'm dedicating dis song to Very Goodliffe :)))

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I knew i loved you before i met you

This is a little something for my love. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me smile whenever i think of you, la la la la....... I've missed u babe, longing for the day when we can be in each other's arms again *purrrsszzz*

Hugs, licks n kisses my VERY special one

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Ohh mah achin feet. I can't believe i spent the whole day dancin. And i'm not even workin, just dancin for the fun of it. And it wuz fun too! As soon as i was inworld I was IM'edby Doug P callin me to party with him at Hot n Hung. Got introduced to his youngest bro Taber....mmmm two very smexy kittehs. Doug had his claws out and soon da two brothers were cutting da clothes off mah back. There we were all dancin nekkid...well not quite, i had mah boots on =^.^=

Soon i gots a note dat Kaj's set is startin down at da wharf so i pulled on sum fresh clothing from mah inv and zoomed there. Quite a crowd happenin already. As before, lots of great chat, sploder action, and Kaj's hot hot tunes kept us going. Then Chessie showed up. Haven't seen day cutie in ages. He was da next dj lined up after Kaj's set so i stayed on. I was about to put in mah request for The Presets - All my people when Chessie played it, too funni...luv The Presets. Then Franzi showed up. I leapt across da floor and pounced on mah bro, giving him many licks. I have missed him so. Feels great to be dancin with him again. then we got talkin, and talked, and talked. He was a feelin down so i had to keep him distracted, tryin to make him forget all that shit that Q stirred up and apparently is continuing to do so. I won't mention anything on here until I gets to da bottom of it. Franzi, I'm standing with u brother!

Afta dat i went off huntin for food in da fridge. Managed to track down a chicken schnitzel in dat cold wasteland along with some salad. I also found a small brook dat's running with beer, but i can't tell u where it's mah little secret.

After dat satisfying meal i saw an offline message from Very. No wonder i haven't seen him in a while, he was on holidays. My heart skipped a beat as i rushed back inworld. He was at Boots beach waiting for me. I leapt into his arms in a hug as soon as i got there. *purzzzzz* How i have missed him. I hopes he feels da same way i do. we danced for a bit on da sand n got talkin in IM...I'm lost in our own little world that i no longer focussed on everyone else's babblings. He asked me if we wanted to go somewhere more private. I had just da place. I invited him to our brother's hangout. I knew he'll like it. Sitting by da rocks watching da waves, listening to da tranquil music, absorbing the peace, chattin. I started to take him on a little tour of the place, starting with the cave under da house. I think mah animal instincts were too strong just then and I gave in to it. Before u can says "Justyn has a crush on Very" we were all over each other on da couch, passions rising, tongues licking, lips kissing. My heart was beating so fast. I wanted it to be purrfect. I was excited n scared, turned on yet nervous, sweating. Now I won't go into detail wat happened next cuz it's censored so use yer imaginations =^.~=

After our passionate lovemaking, we just lay there, Very gently stroking mah skin. Mah heart was beating even faster now. I thought here goes, you have nothing to lose, just say it already! "Very..." I stammered, "I love you". Pause. How is he going to react? Does he think I'm coming on too stong, wanting a commitment already? After all this is only the 3rd or 4th time we've met. I held my breath. "Justyn...I think I've fallen in love with u too. No, I know I love you! I LOVE YOU JUSTYN MAURER!!" I'm elated, omg! Sooo happi, words can't describe it. My fears were unfounded. Looking back now, there were little signs already. I finally let out my breath and kissed him. *purrsszzzzz*

Justyn has a bf now and his name is Very Goodliffe! :)))) *me can't stop grinning* I love u babe!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Music soothes da savage beasts

Enniv Zarf for President! Well not quite...but pls come n vote for him. Aka Paul Kwo who wants to get his chance to collaborate with celebrated cellist Yo-yo Ma if he gets to the top 10 position. Go to this page to vote: and have a listen to his paino playing. It won't take a moment of your time but it means a lot to him so lend your support for this artist. More of Paul at his page:

Neko rulez!

 OMG! I'm soooo drunk! So we had our late work xmas staff party today. Combined with our other more famous n glamorous sister restaurant, who's staff mostly turned up on time. Our group kinda trickled in 1, 2, 3 even 4 hours later. Now i wonder what dat says about us! It wuz held in a park under a clump of trees n a lily pond. Me likes da surroundings very much, clean air, lotsa food n booze, being able to stretch out on da grass under da sun dappled shade. Purrzzzzz. 

Got to meet Douggie today too, just when i logged in n appeared on mah doorstep i saw him around our brothers hangout. Douggie is Franzi's little kitteh, and a cute lil kitteh at that too. Me hopes to get to know him bettah. 

I heads over to Angelfloorz next to check out da complex. Lookin good Ady :) almost far there's a vip's escort lounge, neko play area, the dance club, and a helipad too!! So i showes Ras a few moves on da dance pole...ahh, dat takes me back. Haven't done any pole dancin for a long long time. Wearin mah white furry boots, a skimpy jock, arm n leg straps, slidin mah glistening body up n down da pole, flicking mah tail seductively givin Ras a private show...hehe. I thinks i mah nekoness musta rubbed off on him afta all this time hanging out together. Took him to Phycotic Neko to shop for a set of ears n tail for him. Much tails there bit not much in da selection of ears. But i did manage to get a couple of tails n a set of white pierced ears for mahself, realli can't resist shoppin =^.^=. Took him to Hybrid next, I luv their stuff. Ras got da starter set there. I wuz severely tempted to get them too but no, i needs to budget to get sum dances first. Controll yourself Justyn. But did buy a thundercats shirt outside tho. Me loves thundercats ^^ Thunder, thunder, thundercats...Hoooo!!!

Found dis smexi vid of nekos dancin...enjoy!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happi mew year everybuddy!

Wishing you all a fantastic 2009. May you realise all your dreams, your life be filled with happiness and love, and hopefully lag free year (a bit of wishful thinking but I wish that to you all the same). To all mah brothers, I luv ya each and every one. Sending out licks n kisses to you. To mah friends, it's been a pleasure to have befriended you, hugs n licks to you too!