Sunday, November 30, 2008

So I'm not an extrovert but I'm still an attention whore

Oki... got it from mah bros Franzi n Spanki's blogs. Hey, i do try to be spontaneous from time to time but what can a shy kitteh do? Justyn starts to lick his paws and clean the trickle of "cream" leaking from the corner of his mouth, giving you a sly look.

You Are 20% Extrovert, 80% Introvert
You are quite reserved
You aren't afraid of social situations...
But you very much prefer to go it alone
And why not? You're your own best friend!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Q and Franzi in stunning matching outfits

Rain and KevinM with Kyoka and Kyne in da back

White Party! Too bad i don't have that much time left before i start work in RL, now with daylight savings on I have only 1 hr to spare. 

Dropped into BareRose to find a costume cause they have really cool stuff there at affordable prices....hmmm can't stop at buying one outfit, Oooh that looks great too, and so does this...oki gotta control myself and focus at the party at hand. 

This iz one of da rare times that i could attend another event at Tiger's Isle besides the famous Neko Nites on Sundays. With Dj Rez feeding us da tunes, Q & F hosting, smexies in tighty whities n wings, lotsa sploder action happening...all the elements of a great time! Kev looks particularly yummy in a white loincloth, boots n wings (see pic above). Can't help sneaking peeks at him n his slightly transparent loincloth. Let's see who else wuz there: Slurp n Terry, Rain, Kyne, Kyoka, Mike, Ulf, Kramer, Lenny, Rod, and sum more...sowwy mah memory's a bit fuzzy n I can't remembers your names.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Boiz Boiz Boiz @ Tiger's Isle

Me danzin next to mah bro Darwin R at the Pavilion...miss humping hiz kitteh tail =^.^=

Since Kramer wuz a bit shy n stayed by the sidelines, we danced around him instead

Things started to heat up as night falls

Mah birthday "pressie"!

Karl, Mal, Kaj just letting it hang out 

[19:37]  Franziskus Ninetails: oh... I was so distracted by things going on here on tiger's isle, that I forgot.... ---- Jus, could you let off my tail for a second? thank you!  ----- that I forgot to write.... uhm.... ----- Kaj! That didn't mean, that YOU should lick it now!  ---- where was I?.... However! party started on tiger's isle
[19:37]  Malden DeCuir: heheh
[19:37]  Franziskus Ninetails: theme is "nekos & furries in butts....
[19:37]  Malden DeCuir purrs
[19:37]  Franziskus Ninetails: no!
[19:37]  Franziskus Ninetails: wait....
[19:37]  Kaj Juutilainen purrs
[19:38]  Franziskus Ninetails: BOOTS!
[19:38]  Franziskus Ninetails: or without undies....
[19:38]  Franziskus Ninetails: nekos in boots and undies
[19:38]  Franziskus Ninetails: soon, I guess
[19:38]  Justyn Maurer: n but lickin too
[19:38]  Malden DeCuir: NOW
[19:38]  Franziskus Ninetails: Jus! Give me my pants back!!!
[19:38]  Kaj Juutilainen: Hooo/1
[19:38]  Franziskus Ninetails: JUUUUUUUUS!
[19:38]  Justyn Maurer runs off
[19:38]  Quagmire Juran: no franz that is me licking your ass
[19:39]  Rickie Zabaleta: 0.0
[19:39]  Rickie Zabaleta: lol what a way to open a IM window.
[19:39]  Rickie Zabaleta: lmao
[19:39]  Kaj Juutilainen: haha
[19:39]  Malden DeCuir: heheh
[19:39]  Rickie Zabaleta: Be there um, later
[19:39]  Franziskus Ninetails throws a SLURL in IM, before rolling on his back and starting purring in ecstacy
[19:39]  Franziskus Ninetails:
[19:41]  Franziskus Ninetails: oki... waiting for you, Rickie!

[19:52]  Franziskus Ninetails climbing down from the sploder, where Justyn tossed his undies "Oh, I forgot to mention: Incredible DJ Kaj playing his special sets (AND playing with different tails around him... he's so multi-tasking!) and of course the contest-board is stuffed with 1.000 L$. So, it's time to come here NOW!"
[19:53]  Justyn Maurer: gimme mah undies back Franzi!
[19:53]  Franziskus Ninetails laughs and tosses Jus' undies over his head to Malden
[19:55]  Justyn Maurer shrugs n continues dancin n shakin his erect tail to Kaj's awesum tunes
[19:56]  Franziskus Ninetails shrugs too and continues dancing and shaking Justyn's erect tail too

[20:15]  Franziskus Ninetails: My thighs quiver in anticipation of deep penetration which gets me high
Body rising
Make-up melting
Pulling my hair and
Scratching my back
I get a temporary case of tourettes because all I can say are four letter words in a four octave-range screaming your name - Quag
[20:15]  Franziskus Ninetails: oops
[20:15]  Franziskus Ninetails: that was an accident
[20:15]  Franziskus Ninetails: wanted to c&p the taxi here
[20:16]  Franziskus Ninetails: so... here:
[20:16]  Everett Beresford: LOL
[20:16]  Franziskus Ninetails: only 15 minutes left to.....
[20:17]  Franziskus Ninetails gets distracted from a shiny thing.... which is Justyn's erect ... uhm....
[20:17]  Franziskus Ninetails: well, 15 minutes to join the contest
[20:17]  Franziskus Ninetails: so hurry now to Tiger's Isle
[20:18]  Franziskus Ninetails: and forget the undies! only boots are enuff at this time

So that's a little teaser of what went on at Tiger's Eye club at tiger's Isle. And here's the rest. I wuz at the Pavillion nightclub listening to Wessey's smexy tunes n voice and dancin with mah brother Darwin, enjoyin mah time there that i lost track of da time. When DJ Wes said sumthin about it being 7pm I snapped back into mah senses and tried to tp to Tiger's Isle. 

I don't want to miss a minute of it, not with hawtie DJ Kaj there, Franzi and Q hosting and the smexy dancers Malden, Kyne and me! Chance, Karl and Kramer was there as well It's not the numbers but the quality that counts. And what more can i say, i was in heaven dancin in da company of such hawt men n kittehs. The theme wuz "Puss in boots n undies" so dat wuz even hawter...meowrrrr! Everett n Rickie joined us a little later and the tunes got even smexier. I wuz havin a hard time keepin mah boner in mah undies at that stage. It stuck out over the top of mah undies n started dripping precum down the front makin a wet patch. Ev certainly wasn't helping the situation much talking dirty to me in IMs wanting me to stick mah hot hard cock up his ass. That was too much for mah undies which ripped, freeing mah cock to bounce around in tune with the music. Not that that's anything unusual at our Neko nite parties, it haz kinda become a tradition.

Franzi had a little surprise in store for me. My smexy brother-in-gold-hair-tonight-which-suit-him-really-well brought out a circle jerk ring n told the birthday boi to get in da middle. OMG! this is like mah fantasy cum true. Surrounded by Franzi, Kaj, Mal, Ev, and Karl pumping their hot cocks pointed at me, can't help mahself n started licking their cocks here n there. So hawt! the moment came then their hot jizz squirted on mah body i couldn't take it anymore too and shot a load on mah belly, allowing the cum to mix together. I ran mah hand down mah chest feeling the stickiness of hot fresh cum and lifted it to mah lips for a taste, licking it up...mmmmmm. 

Yours truly won da contest too for best in boots n undies, well it was just boots by voting time since we lost our undies a while ago. Me thanks all who voted for me, mah parents who gave me mah looks, etc...Course i gave half of mah winnings back to the running of the club cause without it we wouldn't be having this party in da first place would we? Oh and did i mention how much i love this event? ^^

This has gotta be one of the hawtest birthdays for me... now to go n wash up before i gets the keys all sticky too =~.^=

Da big Three Zero

What a weekend! 2 days of solid celebrations for mah birthday. Well it iz a big event afta all. And yez dat iz mah birthday cake above. Chocolate, almond n raspberry....yummies!!

So there i was on the threshold of mah twenties looking back to the past, of what i've gone through, of mah memories, good times and bad, friends that i've made and stuck through it all with me. I licked my paw and brushed mah whiskers and looked to the future...what does it have in hold for me? It doesn't matter as long as i'm surrounded by people who love me, my beloved, mah kitteh brothers, mah family, mah adoring fans...just kidding =^.^=...i'm not that famous to have fans. But as to mah brothers here in SL, I thank you for your support.

oki. Enough waffling on. Back to whats been happening the last 2 days. Popped in at Boots beach to find Rhodes waitin for me there. I immediately bounded over and joined him dancin there. Always great fer a chat he iz. I leaned back on hiz shoulder and purrzzzzsss in his ear. I luv being adored and petted. I was wearing mah white pajammies with white fuzzy boots and i thinks i turned him on cause i felt somethin hard an hot pokin me from behind...hehee. And with him playin with mah nipples I soon had somethin hard pushin out the front of mah white boxer briefs too.

Had some friends come over later for some champagne, nibbles and cake. I kept gettin distracted by da sparklers on da cake. Soooo pretty, sooooo facinating, those sparks flying everywhere. I gots some of da best pressies this year: green n white onitsuka tiger shoes, a totally smexy black Calibre hoodie top, a handmade japanese neko mug - sooooo kawaii, and more. For todays celebration dinner we had a feast under the night sky sitting on a carpet with cushions in da backyard amongst flame torches, flowers, and a cool breeze. What more could i ask for....mebbe some birthday sex? heheee, haven't had some in a while. 

Monday, November 10, 2008

5 more sleeps to go...

...until mah birthday...i'm gettin excited! The boundaries of RL and SL are gettin blurred now.

Me n Rhodes at Boots beach

Rhodes surrounded by smexy kittehs on Tiger's Isle

the totally amazing Kaj n Malden in cute matching outfits

the ever adorable Franzi n Q 

gettin hawt n heavy down on da sand

Today started out so so. Dropped in a few clubs but nothin much. I had just missed Streetlife's magical themed event. My long time friend, Apuh,  had invited me but I didn't have a costume but I thought I'd check it out anyway. It was already all over by the time I got there.

Decided to pop in at Boots Beach. Always good to see a friendly face there. Met a new friend too, Casper...a cutie. Managed to dance up close to Rhodes again. Purring at him, rubbing up on him, gettin our members hard..mmmm. Then he krashed. Alwayz krashing like Kyne. Gonna need to wrap them in bubble wrap to prevent them gettin more bruises, oh dear.

Later i managed to catch a few (and i have to emphasize FEW) minutes of DJ Wesley's set at the Pavilion before my boi called me to pick him up from uni. Sigh. Pretty much just said hai to the guys there and i had to go already. So i picked him up n went to lunch...sushi...that cheered me up. Had my favourite, unagi (grilled eel), then went shopping...and OMG! He bought me a pair of Onitsuka Tiger shoes for my birthday pressie. I had been wanting them for ages but they were a bit out of my budget. Love u boi if ur reading this! 

Managed to get back in time for da Neko Nite party with DJ Kaj. I had missed him, his music, and his oh so smexy bf Malden. Decided to join them on Kaj's chim. I kept thinking of humping them both all through the event, I think i even invited them ride me at the same time at one stage. Am I in heat again? /me blushes. But as usual clothes came off, either thrown off, peeled off, ripped, shredded, unravelled or cut off. I might have a hand in this. I had my wolverine claws out. It just felt good to dance there naked n horny. I kept dancing in front of Rhodes rubbing my butt up against his cock, encouraging him, ending up shooting our loads onto the sand. Yez, I'm a cheeky naughty neko =^.^= 

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Rez Day to me!

So this kitteh finally turned one! No big celebrations just a quiet one. Hung out with mah brothers Franzi and Rammy on Tiger's Isle and JQ as well. We know who you are altie....hehe...too easy to work out. It wuz so calming just sitting there on the rocks by the shore watching da waves crash on da rocks and chatting. 

Checked out Miau Haus too, pretty cool shopping place for kittehs. There's a photo booth there where i took this pic. Reminds me so much of Japan. 

Later on when everyone in Europe n the US iz sleeping i cought up with mah aussie mate Rhodes Rasmuron. I luv chattin with him, teasin him, flirting with him, close dancin, bodies rubbing up on each other, tail sliding up his leg, purring, licking, mmmmmm....He sure knows how to treat this kitty right.

Not much else cause i'm too busy with RL work atm, also organising birthdays. Speaking of which...8 more sleeps till I'm no longer in mah twenties and da big 30 hits. Hmmm, lots more organising for dat one =^.~=

I came across this vid...too funni, and yeah I kissed a neko!