Monday, December 1, 2008

Yays! I'm back inworld...

Oki I admits it. I’m a SL addict. Some of you will understand. Even out in RL I still keep some of mah neko traits: wiping mah face with the back of mah hand, licking myself, gets craving for fish, shopping! I guess once u become neko, a true neko, u neva turn back.

I’ve been so busy in RL, we’re hitting the peak season at work and will continue to be busy all summer, packing n moving out for a few weeks as my bf’s family have come from overseas to stay with him so out i go, and yeah i try to spend as much time with mah bf before we gets separated for some time. Today I officially moved out, packed all mah stuff in mah car and headed back to mah parent’s place for a while.

Couldn’t wait to get inworlds! Today iz JC’s famous monthly Rezz/Bday party at Jake’s new club on Fire Island. As since both mah rezzday n birthday iz in Nov I have to attend. And what a party! It was packed full of smexy guys including DJ Durrty who was Djing. Spotted mah brother Franzi and worked mah way towards him to on da dance floor. It’s been about 2 weeks since I saw him last but it felt like months. So nice of him to give me a mousey snack. Popped it into mah mouth for me to suck on but i swallowed it too fast. Kaj n Malden wuz there too. Those 2 smexies gave me an instant hardon as soon as i saw them. Just check out the pic. And a Happy belated Rezzday to Kaj! JC gots a kissing competition going and i had wanted to work on it for the previous month since his last party in Oct but of course i left it to the last min n forgot. I racked mah brain n came up with something even if it took a while to get there ^^. Had to leave for Tiger’s Isle soon after for DJ Kaj’s neko nite party (have I eva mentioned it’s mah favourite event =^.^=) Here’s the results of the contest:

[20:02]  Jordyn Carnell: congratualtions.. 2nd runner up

[20:02]  Justyn Maurer: OMG thankies!

[20:02]  Justyn Maurer: thought u were here on Tiger's Isle tipping me n here i was lookin all over for u

[20:02]  Justyn Maurer: lol

[20:03]  Jordyn Carnell: lol

[20:03]  Justyn Maurer: who won?

[20:03]  Jordyn Carnell: Yummy!

[20:04]  Justyn Maurer: i know he's yummy but who won?

[20:04]  Jordyn Carnell: Finalist(s):

Winner: Yummy Andrew 2500

1st Runner up: Dafydd Sodwind 1000

2nd runner up: Justyn Maurer 500

3rd runner up: Kenneth Kjeller 500

[20:04]  Justyn Maurer:

Read about what i did to JC on his blog, he's also posting up the other winning kisses there.

Kaj had the hawtest, smexiest tunes lined up for his set. I wuz having such a good time that i almost forgot to take pics. I wuz severely distracted by Kenneth n Levi dancin nearby, also Franzi, Soren, Mal, Kaj, Kyne, Q too. Dayumn, a whole lotta smexies to distract me, tempting me to give everyone a good tongue bath. Kramer, Everett, Dyson, Pabs, and some-others-who-i-can’t-remember-their-names-cause-i-really-should-write-down-their-names-so-i-don’t-forget came later. 

[20:33]  Malden DeCuir slaps an "I Voted" sticker on his ass

[20:33]  Franziskus Ninetails licks Mal's "I voted" sticker

[20:33]  Malden DeCuir purrrrrs

What more can I say here. I usually fully immerse myself in da situation at hand. It was supposed to be a leather neko event but as usual al da clothes drop off one by one and we get more touchy feely with one another. Actually i'm da one gettin it da most with Kramer constantly keeping his hand on mah cock...not that i'm complainin ^_~, endin with me exploding all over the beach just as the penis sploder wuz spewing it's luv juice on us too.


Jordyn Carnell said...

Congratulations sexi! You are an excellent kisser.. and I know kissing! (without the mouse breath who knows.. jk)

glad you had fun!

Franziskus said...

You're writing so fine, brother. I've borrowed the text and pics!

What? you didn't brush your fangs before you kissed the cowboy? *giggle*

We have to go mouse-hunting soon! love yer, bro!

Justyn Maurer said...

You can borrow from mah blog anytime brother. And as for that mouse breath, I wonders who fed me a mousey just before the kissing contest *grinz*