Friday, December 26, 2008


Well mah bud Ady Rammidge decided to redesign da whole club and I haz da privilege to take a sneak peek at da new AngelFloorz Danceclub (slurl: I'm still blown away by the design, especially da walls, so organic yet structured. Dis will be one kool klub once it's hopes to get a job here!

I called Levi over as well n hung out there dancing n chatting away. Ady joined us as well in his neko gear...mmm, he sure looks smexier as a white kitteh....had to resist da urge to lick his nipples every time i look in his direction. Pretty soon me n Levi were close dancin, rubbing up on each other, feeling his hard body against mine, licking n kissing, hard cocks straining to break free. *purrrssszzzzz* So hawt! We has to excuse ourselves n finish off somewhere more private =~.^=

Since the posting of this, Ady has moved AngelFloorz to a whole new location at Inspire ( and redesigning the whole venue from the ground up. Can't wait the finished club is up and going. 

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