Monday, December 22, 2008

Fields of pink

I just needed a little time out so I hung out at Japan Tempura Island again. Good n bad news today. Bad news is that dancers are no longer required to dance at Tiger's Isle so therefore this kitteh is officially unemployed. Also my fav event: Neko party with DJ Kaj had been cancelled today for various reasons. *sighs* Talked with mah bro Franzi for a bit today. He was saddened with the news too. Originally i wanted him to help me today with picking out some dances for myself but because I'm no longer gonna get any income I'm gonna tighten my belt until the $L start flowing in again. Ah well, we had great times there while it lasted. 

It has been my great pleasure to have danced alongside you: Franzi, Malden, Nevie, Spanki, Kyne, Jojo, n Lenny.

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Franziskus said...

Believe me, brother, I so would have loved to go dance-shopping with you.

Tiger is very sad, that my beloved ex not only tries to hurt me, but my friends and family too.

As soon as I'm a little better and found a new job, I'll take my shmexie brother by his paw and drag him over to Sine to buy some dances for him. Promise!

love you, brother

tiger kisses xox=^.^=xox