Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hawt Neko Nights

Gareth makes a great model to advertise for da Neko & Furry event does he not?

Rickie out host with Gabriels with their cute christmas accessories

Kaj & his smexi dance troupe

Bright light, bright light...where's mah sunnies?

What do you do when you get so many hawt smexy kittehs together in one place? Strip off and dance of course! And where else but on Tiger's Isle with Kaj DJing da finest tunes. The 3rd last song "Fantasy" I thinks it's called almost made me shoot mah load on da sand...Rrrrrawrr! All dat moaning in da background, although it could have been Franzi, Rain and Kenneth going at it. Or mebbe it's me and Levi =^_~= He is definitely one smexi kitteh, dancing close and grinding against mah bare flesh. And you were wondering why I wuz so quiet in da main chat^^. I think I'm too shy to repeat all the details that went on in IM here. Congrats to Doug who won smexiest neko, which is quite a feat considering pretty much everyone there is smexi...so hard to vote.

All in all everything went quite well with only 2 krashes and a mild case of the lag. It wuz worse earlier dat day when I was at the Pavilion. Da music kept cutting out and it felt like i had gone temporary deaf. I managed to hear half of the song i requested "Bruised Water" by Chicane vs Natasha Beddingfield. Thankies Wessey for playing it for me^^ *licks n kisses*

One final thought I'll share with you before I go. I got it in a fortune cookie last night and it is so true: "You'll never plow a field by turning it over in your mind". Hmmm, neva underestimate the wisdom of fortune cookies.

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