Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy couples

Congratulations to mah brothers who got married! Wishing them all happyness and harmony in their partnership and their future together. *smiles n purrrrs*

Spanki & Darias. They eloped last it on Spank's blog here

Toby & Darwin

Mah first bro Darwin just got married with Toby today. I was proud to be there on their special day. Reception wuz at the Pavilion with DJ Wessey spinning da tunes. Momma Lashaunda was there too but seemed to have misplaced her bucket of fried chicken...mebbe she had finished them already or wuz saving space for sum cake =^.^= .Warm hugs too to Toby's lil bro Funky and his sis September. One of da guests, Ulyth, had a bit too much to drink and gots transfixed by mah ass...not that i'm complaining.

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SpAnKi said...

aw, thank you for your congrats!
kisssssssssssses to my smexi bro