Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Beauty in SL....part 3

Went to Japan Tempura Island again last nite just to unwind before bed and I dragged (dunno if dat's da word, more like he wuz more than willing to come) mah buddy Rhodes along. This time we wandered around the eastern side, strolling thru da lush cool forest with sunlight falling down thru the opening on da canopy above. We just talked the night away.

I made a small discovery! Playing around da waterfall, i noticed a small path behind da water. There seems to be like a sort of campsite there. We made use of da fire and toasted some marshmallows in da fire......mmmmm, yummi. Hot sticky gooey white stuff, hmmmm, no not that white stuff, get your mind outta da gutter^^. So in we got into da steaming tub of hot water nearby to wash off da rest of da marshmallows. Ras held n kissed me while da soothing music there lulled me further towards dreamland, my eyes were drooping, thoughts slowing enjoying da moment. BTW he's just mah good friend so don't get any ideas =^.^= I gots soo sleepy I said mah goodbyes and tp'ed home just in time to crash on our kitteh play tube, dreaming of being held closely and kissed...oh wait, wuz dat a dream or it happend? I'm confuzed now.

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