Thursday, December 18, 2008

30'000 Leagues under da sea

Oki mebbe not exactly 30'000 leagues but still under da sea nevertheless. 

December 15: I had ventured out on my vessel "Da Katz Meow" with Very G in an expedition of exploration. So far so good. Nothing in sight but da vast ocean around us. By da look on our chart we are fast approaching Tempura Island. Almost dinnertime...making excellent progress. As we exited our kraft I took in my surroundings. It appears we have docked just below some grand hall all shimmering in gold. There appears a corridor that have collapsed into da water. We were just about to pass it by when Very noticed a shimmer of light glinting from da collapsed corridor. It appears to be a tunnel leading underwater! Oki this is worth a lookie. What met mah eyes at da end of da submerged tunnel took mah breath away...all I could do is just stand there in awe of the beauty in front of us. Very's lips curved into a smile as he led me into da chamber. 

We chatted for a while and since it was gettin late for both of us he took me up in an embrace. I purred and licked his lip, easing mah tongue into his mouth to meet his, allowing mah senses to overwhelm me, kissin him passionately. Afta what seems like an eternity mah lips left his, mah heart beating furiously, mah body melting at his touch...oh my! Am i falling in love already?!?!?! I dunno, I just wanted to meet up with him again, yearning to be in his company, feeling his touch, tasting him. Purrrrzzzzz...

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