Sunday, December 14, 2008

Beauty in SL...part II

Pssst, don't look now but there's a giant bird behind you...

So Very Goodliffe and I came across this massive tree stump which a huge canary has made a comfy nest on top of it. We came down for a closer look at the eggs. So pretti, reminds me of decorated easter eggs (also put me in da mood for sum scrambled eggs :P). We settled down on one of da eggs and tried to help hatch it. The heat generated as our bare skins touched should be sufficent to keep da egg warm and toasty. Who would have thought, a neko tryin to hatch an egg! Hehee. 

Later we discovered the room below, a cosy little place in the hollow of the stump. Settling down by da rug in front of an open fire *purrzzzzzz* what could be bettah? One thing led to another and before i knows it mah animal instincts have taken over. Touching, licking, tongue circling his nipples, hard cocks rubbing at each other thru our jeans, heartbeat racing, breath quickening, the buttons of his jeans popping open, licking, moving lower, taking in his sweet musky scent, tail quivering, jeans sliding off, skin rubbing on bare skin sending a shiver down mah spine, flipping me over, on all fours, butt in da air, tail raised, him licking me, waves of pleasure crashing over me, tongue lingering, pucker opening at his touch. precum leaking....and then i krashed :/ What a way to go *sigh*

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