Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friday (thursday night for some of you)

Not that good a day. You wanna know why? It's cause i had to move out cause my RL bf's mum came for a 3 week visit and i wanna give them some family time (also cause my cleaning standards aren't up to hers...don't wanna let her remarks get to me so i'm outta there) and i'm reduced to using my wireless modem to get to SL. And as you may already know wireless modems are crap for SL use. Add to that my kitteh brain can't remembers where i left my router otherwise i could just share my RL bro's cable broadband. Dammit!

So today was full of crashes and bad connectivity with a liberal serving of lag thrown in. I can't even take any pictures cause lots of people are either grey or wisps of fluffy white clouds. Those clouds do make interesting shapes tho...oki, lets keep focussed now. Where wuz I? Oh yea, it wuz baywatch theme on at Tiger's Isle. There's gonna be lots of smexies there in their speedos so I changed into mah red lifeguard speedos n off I went. And indeed there were several smexies there (those who rezzed for me dat is), in red speedos...yummy! And for those who wondered why I wuz wearing one black boot, it wuz becuz I can't get it off (see connectivity problem above). I had so much fun despite mah problems that i didn't notice that the time flew by. Mah lil bro Kyne remarked that he didn't know I wuz working that nite. It wuz mah day off dancing but I can't help working the room n rubbing up on everyone there...Heh, guess i enjoy dancing at this club so much, and especially when my brotha Franzi is there.

After da event we went over to our brother's hangout and chatted with Franzi for a bit. We talked n talked n I didn't realise it was almost 7am for him! Hate to see that sweet, lovable, generous tiger hurting like this. We sat on da couch n held on to him, petting his hair, stroking him. Keeping him company until he fell asleep. 

Franzi, If u need me for anything just call me. I'd be happy to hold mah bro to sleep anytime. I'm here for you alwayz. Love ya.

Totally not related tangent: I went to the kitteh salon for a new hairdo, wot do ya think?

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