Friday, December 12, 2008

Beauty in SL

I love lotuses!

An inspiration from the painting of "the birth of Venus" by Botticelli 

Japan Tempura Island (, wierd name but....thankies to JC for highlighting about some of da most beautiful places on SL, check it out da original post in his blog.

I went in to explore lookin like a tourist with a camera around mah neck. Hey, I gotta take some piccies to show ya all. Very Goodliffe came along too to have a look round. Well we were both blown away, spechless at da beauty around us. I guess a special bond formed between us in da time we spent there, mebbe it's somethin in da air there? Heheeh. We ended up having a cosy cuddle in the hollow of a tree.

This first series of pics are called Pink. Enjoy. More in da JTI series to come in da next few posts.

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Franziskus said...

Beautiful pictures! Beautiful brother!