Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fly me home to my love

Tomorrow night I'll be on my flight home. I hate flying. Really, I like the destination but i don't like geting on flights, not anymore. I used to but I'm kinda over it now I guess. Ok, so I've ever been among da steerage in economy. If I'm in another class I might not be going on about this right now. I'm sure you have experienced it as well, being back there among da plebs. Makes one feel like a caged animal, confined to a cramped seat, being fed food dat's barely edible (oki, so caged animals don't usually get gin n tonics =^.^=)
How I wish i could just tp to mah destination or mebbe strap on mah wings n fly *sighs* A kitteh can dream can't he?
Well not too bad this trip. I've only overspent mah budget by just a little and with only 5kg excess baggage. Mainly on smexy clothes, yummie cakes n cookies. I had my eyes on a Hermes leather belt with a brushed silver H buckle but da price tag had too many zeros in it, *sighs again* Hopefully I'll catch u inworld soon. Peace.


Very Goodliffe said...

Happy travels, I know what cattle class syndrome is like :P

All my love

SpAnKi said...

hallo brother! franzi said to me you were home so welcome back and glad you had safe and happy travels

kisses licks =^.^=