Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tempura Island revisited

Spent da first day of my holiday with Very, my sunshine. Missed him so much. The very moment I see him online is enough to make me smile. It feels so right to be in his arms again, kissing him, mmmmmmm...wanted the moment to last forever. I took him to the place where we had our first date. It still holds a special something for me there.

At first I wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing. Falling in love and entering into a relationship with a man who I couldn't see all da time cause of our RL. All sorts of questions ran thru mah mind: is it gonna work?, will he still love me if he just sees me once a week?, how would he feel about me being so close to mah (incestuous) brothers? I shouldn't have worried. My sunshine assures me that he loves me and will wait for me. Dat is more than enough for me. All mah worries turn to joy when I'm with him. I LOVE you Very!!!! You are my sunshine in the rain *kitteh kisses n licks* 

As promised I've won't go into the details of out intimate session together but here a peek thru the golden veils =^.^= 

After our special time together we headed to Boots beach. What a surprise to hear man bro Franzi greet me there! I led Very over to Franzi and joined him dancin with Kyoka. Had da best time dancing with two of my fav people...er, tiger counts as people too I guess....hehe. Tiger had too much clothing on too which I had to help him get out of with mah trusty claws. Pretty soon it was sleepy time for this kitteh n Very. What a pleasant way to finish da night. *puuurrrsssss*

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