Thursday, February 5, 2009

Holidays!!! Yays!!!

Managed to spend some time with mah sunshine Very G tonite just before I fly off tomorrow morning. Still gotta finish packing but I took a break from it just to check inworld to see if he's there. Been a bit low spirited thinking that I couldn't see my beloved before I leave for 2 n a half weeks. But shortly after I logged in, He appeared in front of me. I'm all smiles now, in fact there a huge grin on mah face. I brought him to our brother's hangout to try out Franzi's new kitteh bed with him but it wouldn't work for him, mebbe it's family only? dunno but i suspect it since i can only get it to work when i gots on mah 'brother' tag. So we settled on the rug instead. Talking about sweet nothings and spending time in his arms, kissing him, licking him. That's so purrrrrrrrrrrrr. That really made mah night it did. I'm gonna miss you a lot Very. Will be thinking of you. I love you babe!

I'm gonna miss my bros too: Franzi, Spanki, Douggie, Rammy, Nevie, Kyne, Darwin. You all be good, well be bad if you must :P

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Neko Nevie said...

Aww, you are so cute with your sweetie. I miss hanging out with the brothers. Have a good trip. Love you always, brother.