Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Persian Palace

On one mah random forage of exploring new sims I came across The Persian Palace in Sparta (slurl:http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sparta/200/206/23) just one sim to the east of Boots
 beach. Now I love architecture and the builds here by Scottie Menges blew me away. Go to his site for more scottiemenges.com

The palace is built in the moorish style, purrfect for those hot days where you just want to laze around a cooling fountian on a marble bench. Now with a few servants around you can feel just like an arabian prince (or princess^^). Come nightfall you can enjoy a fireworks display here too....psst, switch to set em off is just inside the main entrance to the right. 

Now to explore the rest of Scottie's builds....

Oh I almost forgot, Scottie asked lil ol me to star in a music vid, here it is, enjoy :) Thankies sooooo much Scottie for making this vid *huggs n licks*

1 comment:

SpAnKi said...

hot video bro! so cool! an u look smexi as FCUK!!! purrrrrrrrrrrrr
love the way the light reflects on your skin.. le sighhhhh ;P

wat a cool video. do u kno wat programme he uses to record inworld? I had fraps but its really kinda shit and videos everything like your toolbars n shit and people loggin in an out loll

did i mention you look smexi as FCUK?? mmmmmmmmmm =^.^= kissss