Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day! *licks n kisses*

I took this pic in one of the shop windows while wandering around in HK. Valentines day is coming up tomorrow and everywhere there's advertising for it. All I can think of is I won't be there to spend it with my Very. *criez* I'm taking comfort looking back at the pics of us together. I still remember the day we met at Boots beach...a chance meeting.

Last rays of sunlight inundating the beach by the bonfire, a stranger chanced upon, eye contact flickering like electric currents, dizziness and uncertainty, pervading wafts of musky manliness, enthrallment and intoxication.

Exploring a new sim, adventure requiring tremendous courage, trailing behind in discretion, restlessness and preplexity, stirring blood, test of patience, making signal and awaiting response.

Image of the stranger recurring day and night, irrepresible yearning, magical touch of finger tips kindling a fiery passion, engulfing euphoria, seething excitement.

Insatiable hunger for every taste of each other's body, lips dripping with honey, savouring the feast of flesh, licking, purring, kissing, moaning.

Solemn pledge of love put on hold, wandering hand in hand, unrestraint enjoyment of each other's company, breathing each other's breath, adieu to solitude, pure pleasure.

Even if we can't be together all the time every moment together is pure bliss and the moments apart makes our hearts grow fonder. Every time I get a message from him, i smile. Everytime I see him online I rush over to be in his arms, purring since words escape my tongue and I stand there with my mouth open and grinning from ear to ear, even when I had already planned on what to say. My sunshine Very, I Love You!

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