Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sinistyle Designs

Oki I must fess up....I've been shopping again even on a limited budget, can't help it I'm a kitteh =^.^=

Had a look in Sinistyle cause I saw some arm straps dat I liked. This is not just an ordinary store, it's set in a gothic mansion with a graveyard n church in da grounds too. Set enviro settings to midnite for da best effect. I like the accessories there: belts, straps, boots, collar, etc...but i'll settle for arm n leg straps for now. While checking out da graveyard a skeleton snuck up on me while I wuz busy brushing off da cobwebs caught in mah hair, turned out he just wanted to flick off a spider dat wuz crawling up mah back! Yikes!!!

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Rhodes Rasmuson said...

Walking round a haunted mansion at midnight with da lights turned off - pphew! And dancing with a skeleton, which remeinds me that I must go on a diet. tc