Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Here kitty, kitty, kitty

I'm gettin a whole load of mah smexi bro Franzi these few days makin up for da last few weeks dat I haven't seen him, not that I'm complainin. Made me quite happi in fact. He showed me a new bed he bought and we got to try it out, ful of kitteh anims in it....soooo cool! Got around to talking a bit after dat and somehow it let to us cleaning out our closets, so much clothes there dat I didn't know I had. Rammy popped in for a chat then after we finally got dressed da 3 of us headed to HnH to catch Gregster's set there. So nice to dance with mah brothers again. *purrssssss* 
Da next session saw us at da Pavilion with DJ Wesley. Actually today wuz a bit different cuz Wes gave his partner Robbie a mic too so it wuz da "Wes n Robbie blabberthon", now I'm not sure if Robbie wuz under da influence of tequila but they were soooo funni, had me laffin most of da time. Not the usual Wessey babblings. Note to self: gotta teach Wessey how to pronounce Maurer next time. ^^ Franzi n Rammy joined me there too but Rammy kept krashing, like over a dozen times, poor bro, musta have bruises all over. Mah other bro Darwin wuz there too with his hubby Toby, who I suspect haz a crush on me. Our smexi little bro Douggie snuck in too, didn't realise it until he wuz right in front of me. Such a cutie, meow! I couldn't help mahself, kept licking both of mah smexi kitteh bros. Momma kitteh musta have been a stunner cause she kept having such smexi kittens. Now I wonder who daddy(s) is....

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