Monday, August 24, 2009

Shameless Plug

Well not quite so shameless cuz I'm proud to be one of Blaze's collection of hawt dancers. Check out the club's website and sign up to keep track of events here. A shoutout to Xzno for doing all da work on dat site.

So far so good, my 3rd week dancing there and makin decent tips, enuf to shop again, heheh. Last week I blown a whole Sunday's earnings on a smexi black kilt, straps, boots outfit from Tiger Eye Designs. Eeep! bettah set up a savings plan but then I'm just a kitteh. Lovin mah bosses Jonathan and Jarrod. Joshua mah best bud and head dancer. General manager Xzno. Co-dancers Anders, Jester, Sora, and our newest recruit Aki. Such a pleasure to work with a great n supportive team there that its hardly work at all.

Oh btw I'm on Sundays 7-9pm, drop in to the plaza and get a lick from me =^.^=

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