Saturday, August 8, 2009


Innocence and Light
Caramel and Milk chocolate mousse with liquid mocha center in a white chocolate "egg" cup, pistachio praline and pistachio wafer. The name was inspired by Carson Cale =^.^=

I thought I had posted this up earlier in the week (apologies to Toberz, who I told to look for it here but it wasn't) but later is better than not at all. Last Sunday I competed in a chocolate dessert competition and came away with a bronze medal. Wasn't happi at first cuz I thought I deserve at least a silver but when I look back it was fair.

The comp was held at the Hunter Valley Gardens ( so if you ever head that way do drop in. The gardens are absolutely stunning with different themed areas. I would have taken more pics except mah cam's battery died, something that wouldn't happen in SL when u take pics. I was too nervous n excited to rememba to recharge the batt the night before.

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