Monday, August 24, 2009

Sexiest Free in Gor

My bro Franzi has entered in the contest (see title) and needs your votes. Head to White Water and lick....uh, I mean click on his poster to vote, daily. Its in an OOC area so you can go as you are which is good so I dun hafta hide my true neko self everytime I go.

Franzi is definitely the trend setter. He was the first one to put up a nude pic in the contest. Well why not since there wasn't any rules to say otherwise. Soon after a few others also followed and posted up nude pics of themselves. Still my bro is the smexiest...realli I'm not biased =^.^=


Franzi has since left the contest becuz of its unfair nature. So how does the uglier guys suddenly get a whole heap of votes in such a short time??

1 comment:

Franziskus said...

Thanks for your support, bro, but I already left. Since the location changed it became pretty unfair. Ugly guys who just joined suddenly jumped from 0 to 140 votes a day and such things... I don't think, that was the intention of this contest. So I'm out there. Zinc (the one in the lower pic in the middle) is pretty shmexie though... Hm, we will capture him one day for our isle?