Sunday, September 13, 2009

Boycut sale

Neva let kittehs run loose in a store during a sale. Especially wif everything going at L$10. Me n Joshie decided to do a bit of shopping went nutz in there =^.^=

Yup, you heard right, all of the Boycut range is selling for 10 bux cuz its closing down. Head on to the Boycut Mainstore now cause it all ends on the 18th of Sept.


Joshua Cartauld said...

baby how do you get your pics done so fast and how do you take them? they are always so good. I need you to take some of me babes. Sigh
you are too sexy for words .

I hate you.

Anonymous said...

you need to be doing this professionally in SL hunnie... Want a job? I happen to know someone who owns a studio *winks*

Very VERY hot love!!!

SpAnKi said...

yea, awesome pics! and uhm...


hot undies ;P