Monday, August 10, 2009


As the title says a few things are changing in my SL. Some good , some not so great. So as to reflect that I decided to update the pic in the title...keeping it light and fun. Kinda like what I want in SL, none of that drama, though it inevitably crops up I keep a distance from it...keeping it light and fun. Sl is what we make of it. The change is inspired by my bro Spanki who has his blog Ribbons of Glass, more about him below.

So big one is when Joshua introduced me to his lover Jarrod. I still remember how we just clicked and how much i like him since then, meeting him at Blaze where he's DJing then the photoshoot afterwards. He is really purrfect for Josh and I wish them all happiness in their upcoming wedding. We hit it off so well that I felt that Josh n Jarrod should be part of our family...there's a special conection there I feel. They feel the same way too. Very, I know you're reading this...what is mine is yours too, you know the deal with family =^.~=

I luv this pic, quite artistic I thought

Another one is me making a comeback to the world of dancing at club Blaze. I'll be shakin mah tail there amongst other things on Sundays 7pm SLT. So lookin forward to it...very excited!

I met GoodboyJay this week, a cool kitteh. We hung out at Josh's place chattin. Was nice to just chill out n relax. He'll be dancin at Blaze too.

I worry about our bro Spanki. All is not well with him and I can feel his unhappiness. If there's anything I can do for you, ask it and its yours.

Franzi is on "vacation" this week building on the Isle of Tidra. Our wild kitteh wonderland is taking shape beautifully. I should add a slurl here at this point so that you could have a sneak peek at it before the opening but now its 3am in the morning, bugger it....nahh, you go look fir it yerself..../me yawns and stretches sleepily...time for ni *snores*

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Spanki Moulliez said...

hey bro :) ^^
ty for your concern, so sweet my brothas is!! and I hope things is gettin better for me and the worst is ova with

Good luck with the dancin.. I used to dance with GoodBoyJay at Evolution, tell him hallo from me. I miss dancin sometimes but all da best clubs are just on the wrong time zone for me! *kicks annoying time zones* hehe. Maybe I come down an slide some lindens in ya thong sometime if I'm awake?? *PURRS*

anyways thanks again for all your support bro, *hugggs and licccks*