Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wild thing

So here's wat this kitteh have been up to lately:

Dancing with Jay and going shopping wif him (check out his blog Kitten Box). He helped me pick out some swimmers, which is a really cool tool so you don't sink straight to the bottom of the lake, ocean, river, etc...but there's just something a little disturbing about the idea of nekos swiming in general. I also bought some kevlar shoulder armor too from Elixir (see pic above)

Mah bro Franzi taking a break from building in his island, creating a place where nekos and other creatures are welcomed to RP amongst the inhabitants of Gor. We're relaxing on a raft floating on the lake the just made. Chatting about life and loves in SL, I miss hanging out wif mah bro.

Juz awoke with a dull pain in his head. The last memory he had was that of seeing smoke rising from the side of an otherwise barren mountain side and going in closer to explore the strange sight. He had been captured and stripped of his last shreads of clothing, chained to a wooden post, wondering what his captors are going to do with him when suddenly he heard a high pitched laugh. Dozens of eyes peered at him from the shadows, footsteps coming closer....

Shhhh...don't make a sound. Look across the river you see them? This is quite a rare chance to see wild tribal kittehs sprawled out on the rocks, soaking up the last rays of sunshine.

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