Monday, July 27, 2009


Firstly, Very my love, I've enjoyed every second of your presence. Our time together is precious to me. You make me smile like no other can. When we dance I'm in heaven, when we kiss my soul soars, when we make love...kaboom! fireworks. I love you with all that I am.

What a day! Non stop parties, well not quite non stop but you get the gist, from the moment I woke up. First off was the Pavilion, always fun with DJ Wes there. Landrew and Cristophe adorable as a couple as always, Carson the pink haired one dancing close to me keeping me company and being cute. I think I'm begining to corrupt his 'innocence and light' as he's a bit friskier now. Who else was there? Dar, Kolin, Nicky, Kisten, Brian, Ra, Petr, Luna, Lashaunda, Owen, Jarod, and of course Robbie + many others. I really should take note of everyone there but I get too excited wif dancing and da music that I usually forget.

Pretty soon I got an IM from Joshua telling me that Blaze is underway wif its 'best in undies' party and to get mah ass down there. Jarrod was DJing, feeding us his awesum tunes. This is the first time I actually got to meet him properly, the last time was a bit rushed. In no time I was stripped to mah undies shakin it. Guess who won the contest 'best in undies'? Yup, its yours truely. Finaly got sum cash to tip Joshua and Xzno who were dancing nekkid for us and tipped da hawt DJ as well. After that party, Jarrod invited me to his photo studio and Josh as well. Jarrod decided to make a model outta me. Thankies for da amazing pics ^^

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