Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Then and now and strange mushrooms

I found an old pic of me which I thought I'd show you
Way back when I had short hair, oki so not thaat far back

Juz - June 2009

The last couple of nights spent with Very had been pure joy. The moment he came online got mah heart all aflutter cuz you see we can only meet about once or twice a week lately cuz of our Rl schedules. All this time waiting for him had made me love him more, our passion still as intense as when we first kissed.

In between times I've been hanging out with Jay (Joshua Cartauld) more. And Raz too. Just sometimes I fell like a third wheel when I hang out with those 2 lovers. Live yesterday at this romantic sim (Affection Romantic Garden) which Jay found. All the poseballs there are for couples, dances for couples, etc. So while they're dancing I took a look around and found this interesting mushroom on the forest floor. Just a little nibble, it smells nice I thought, what harm could it do I thought. Next thing I knew I was up in the air, flying, literally! I must say this kitteh is easily amused and that kept me entertained for quite a while =^.^=
I called Jay m Raz to join in too. Managed to take a pic before we kittehs got too dizzy.


Rhodes Rasmuson said...

an dayz wo lubberly mushies too i just went round and around and around and around and.........Raz

Rammy said...

you cats are trippy