Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just For The Guys hunt

For the last couple of weeks (has it been that long already? time had really got away from me) I've been on the hunt...the JFTG Hunt. Exactly as the name seyz, its stuff for guys. You head to the lm that you're given, find the fedora (a type of hat for those of you who are wondering) hidden there which contains some free stuff from that store and the next lm to go to. So far I'm at #74, 8 more to go. I just enjoy the challenge more than the prizes themselves. Oki so not all the prizes are great but some are really good. I'm modelling a couple of tops that I've found in the pics above.

Site of most of the hints just be aware that some of the fedoras have moved, just to make it interesting. Happi hunting :D

1 comment:

Joshua Cartauld said...

you are so cute with that bunny.

Ahh baby i miss you. hope we can catch up soon. love ya loads and loads.

kisses baby.