Tuesday, July 14, 2009

my week in pictures

Me and Jay bought elemental silks at Animation Rising, testing out our fire and water duo act...you likey? We should really do it properly on the duo dance pole...next time, mebbe wif a private audience too :p

So I had to drop in at Jungleboys and see what's it all about. Not bad place and with quite a few aussies around too. Well Adian here is aussie in spirit =^.^= There's lots of tribal dancing and sex here, and a stargate too. Been playing around with that lately, dropping in on strange worlds and startling the inhabitants there. You'd think they neva seen a neko before.

Finally got to see mah hubby Very on Thurs nite. We went on a quick JFTG Hunt (see next post) then I took him to Jungleboys to show him around. There's a secret spot (well not so secret anymore since I've blabbed about it here) behind the waterfall there where we made sweet love in. Very got all tied up at one stage *grinz* Oki! I admit it, I'm the one responsible for chaining him up to a bondage table but he wasn't complainin...quite the opposite really.

Dancing away at the pavilion wif da awesome DJ Wesley. Me and Carson kinda looks like his backup dancers there don't we? He's the one full of innocence and light (or so he claims) and i'm the smexi, sultry one. Always look forward to Wessey's sets cuz there's great music, fun n funny chat, a bevy of hawt men and of course rubbing up against Wes and distracting him form DJing properly, heheh

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