Sunday, May 10, 2009

Justyn's back!

What a couple of weeks!! First my computer had some hardwear problems, got that sorted out in a week then I just had one day inworld rubbing n cuddling up wif mah bros Kyne n Wulf before I had to head off to Melbourne for a week. Yays! Work is paying for the flight n accommodation n chocolate course i'm doing there so i'm not complainin, double yays! This is easily one of the best courses I've done, really fun too n we get to take all the stuff we make home...triple yays!!! One of my fav pieces is a moulded choc kitteh i made. We all get to choose the shape of mould so of course i went straight away to pick the kitteh one. I'll have to put up the pic in the next post. Another highlight is visiting Brunetti, an italian cafe/restaurant in Carlton....such amazing cakes n pastries, so much inspiration. I'm in awed by it all. But the most memorable moment for me is that i got to see Wicked, such an awesome musical, and if you manage to get the chance I recommend you go see it. The tunes are stuck in mah head now. Here is a clip of the song Defying Gravity (not sure which country this production is from)

The other tune I luv is Dancing Through Life

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