Monday, April 20, 2009


Bad bad news...mah mac has krashed and I can't revive it, gotta sent it in for repairs :( and dat means i won't be inworld for a little while. This is killin me. I had taked lots of pictures too of Very and Oliver. Especially just havin met up wif mah hubby after nearly 2 weeks apart, havin just adopted Oliver as our son. Yes, you read right! Very and I are proud fathers of our son Oliver Juanos. Thoughtful, kind and handsome. I'm teaching him how to be a kitteh but may take a while for him to purr naturally =^.^=

I had such a wonderful time, spending it wif mah sunshine dancing in da ballroom at Tempura. That place holds special memories for us. As i had mentioned I took lots of pics there cuz I realised I don't have much pics of mah hubby with his new neko look. Oh well, gotta go bak next time n take more pics.

Meanwhile, mah love is....

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Rammy said...

Justyn - i hope your sick computer gets better soon!