Monday, May 18, 2009

Congrats Franzi & Kenshi

Today my bro Franzi officially wed his beloved Kenshi after being partnerd for 3 months. They look spectacular all dressed in white, positively dazzling. JC officiated the ceremony (besides being a smexi cowboy it turns out that he is an official minister as well). Nevie beautifully designed and constructed the wedding area and dance pavilion at Dark Path. DJ Daffy supplied the tunes. This is an occacion to celebrate, to be happi. But I feel aweful. For you see I missed the wedding ceremony, I let mah bro down. He even reminded me not to sleep in too. Here's wat happened...

With the wedding being at 12pm PST on Sunday means 5am Monday in Australia. I had set 2 alarms to wake me up. I thought that should get me up and I napped. I was really looking forward to the wedding, I was so excited that I woke up in the middle of the night and glanced at the clock...3am...good, i can sleep for another 1.5 hours at least. I woke up again a little while later and looked at the time again...3am...and it didn't even register in mah sleepy kitteh brain that the battery had died, and I slept again. I heard the other alarm go off and hit the off button thinking that i can afford another 2 mins. I was soo exausted the day before. Next thing knew it was 5.30am and I jumped out of bed and logged in immediately. I landed in front of the dance pavilion, heart racing, feeling dreadful that I had missed the ceremony :( I scanned the crowd, quite a few familiar faces, several that I haven't seen in ages (Spanki, JC, Jojo, Daffy, Ades), and a few that I haven't met before. Feeling ashamed of myself I hung around the edge of the dance pavilion and didn't talk much. JC came up to me and we talked a lil bit, made me laugh too, thats the kind of guy he is.

[13:22] Justyn Maurer: and the minister strips!
[13:22] Justyn Maurer: heh
[13:22] Jordyn Carnell: lol.. bet you havn't been at a wedding where THAT has happened before

As Very wasn't there to dance the slow dances with me I asked Nevie to. The smexie kitty kept rubbing up on me or was it the other way round? Pretty soon I was feelin hot and had to strip off for the faster dance set. Somehow I couldn't get on Franzi's dance huddles to sync with the rest of the brothers there. Mebbe its mah punishment by the gods of SL. I dunno. Just feeling kinda left out. *sighs*

oki now looking bak upon this post I realised that I'm selfish. This is supposed to be Kenshi n Franzi's big day and I let my feelings get in the way. So I had a bad day, things go wrong, and it shouldn't affect me this way. From now on i'm going to keep positive and not let things weigh me down needlessly :)


Franziskus said...

awwwww, don't feel aweful, bro! Yeah, I missed you at the ceremony, but shit happens. *shrugs* However, it was a beautiful day and I was happy, that you could at least be there for the after-party. (dunno, what's wrong with the huddles, I kept on inviting you again and again; it just didn't work)

So, don't feel bad! Luv yer, bro!!!!

*pounces and licks*

Justyn Maurer said...

thanks for da pounce n licks bro...realli needed it. I just had a bad day yesterday and was feelin guilty that i missed the ceremony. Well wishing won't change the past so I'll focus on the happi memories of your big day.

Luv ya too =^.^=