Monday, May 25, 2009

Meowing up a treeee

Juz n Very sitting on a tree
k, i, s, s, i, n, g
and licking and stuff....heheh

Was a wonderous time when we revisited Tempura Isle the other day. For some reason I can't remember, I decided to cam thru the treetops and came across a cushion amongst the branches there. So being a curious kitteh that I am, I decided to climb up that tree and take a closer look. Was quite a comfy cushion. I settled in to wait for mah hubby to turn up. Didn't take him long before he landed on top of me n joined me in our little 'nest'. Was realli wonderful just to spend time on his lap, chatting, the warm sunlight filtered thru the leaves. His wondering hands soon had other plans, heheh.

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